Top 3 eCommerce Marketing Opportunities for 2013

It’s now time for anyone running an eCommerce business to switch their focus from Christmas and the January Sales, and instead look at their bigger plans for successful online selling in 2013. There are three types of marketing that, if you get them right, are really going to fast-track your business success in 2013.

Content Marketing, Social Media Sharing, and Remarketing are three areas that can increase your sales and where you can still be the first in your marketplace to get it right. That will give you great power over your competition.

Great Content Marketing is going to sit at the centre of successful sustainable marketing activity in 2013. That’s because without great content you’re not going to get good traffic from the search engines, and there’s little for customers to discuss about you on social media (which also affects your search traffic). Plus, good content builds customers warmth towards you – it defines your brand and keeps them coming back again and again.

So what is Content? It might be a blog, it might be a video, or pictures of your latest photo-shoot, or even an infographic. Essentially content is anything people can consume online – written, visual, or audio.
Not all content is created equal, so what makes great content? There has to be a reason for it – it needs to be something that your customers want to consume. It might be funny, useful, or provocative; a guide on how to buy your products, or a funny video of your team recreating a music video, or even photos of your buying trip to China.
If you really want to take it to top-of-the-class content – get your customers to create it for you! Ask them to write blog posts for you, review your products, or post videos of them using them. It’s all great content that builds your brand, and improves your visibility in the search engines.

Creating content isn’t easy, but this next tip for 2013 is.

Social Media Sharing Buttons. These are the little buttons you find on a blog or product page that invite the visitor to share the page on Twitter or Facebook etc. Once you’ve added them to your page templates, that’s it, the job is done and you can forget about it.

So why should you add them? Well, if you want to win in the search engine rankings war in 2013 you need people talking about your site and your products on social media. That means you need to make it easy for them to do so – and that’s where the social media buttons come in. Visitors are considerably more likely to talk about you and your products online if there’s a button on that product page telling them to.

If you don’t want to find all the code for the sharing buttons yourself, just go to and create a suite of button options there. Make sure you include Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and (of course!) Google+.

Both the above tips are about driving more traffic to your website, the third top marketing tactic for 2013 is all about improving your conversion rate. Remarketing enables you to show ads to people who’ve already visited your website – reminding them to come back and buy from you.

It’s pretty simple to get set up – you just need to add a piece of code to all the pages of your website, and then create the targeting rules and the ads. To do all this you can use Google Adwords, and you pay for the advertising on a cost per click basis – so it’s easy to make sure you’re getting the return you need.

A few things to be careful of – with your targeting make sure you exclude those people who did buy, limit how long after their last visit they’ll see your ads, and set a maximum number of times they see your ad each day (you don’t want to follow them around the internet like a stalker!).

In conclusion, include the following in your marketing plan for 2013:

  • Content Marketing to improve your search results and build your brand with your customers
  • Social Media Sharing buttons to get your social media activity done for you
  • Remarketing to make sure potential customers complete their purchases

A little bonus tip – test out selling your products on Amazon and eBay. That’s where many consumers are spending their online shopping time – so if you’re not there, you’re probably missing out!

About the Author
Chloë Thomas is author of eCommerce MasterPlan, and also owns online marketing agency indiumonline.
You can get eCommerce MasterPlan at all good bookshops, on, and direct from

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  1. “Visitors are considerably more likely to talk about you and your products online if there’s a button on that product page telling them to.”

    Is this here-say or do you have some metrics to back this up? Just because a huge majority of people do it does not mean it’s the right way. I would urge reader and most importantly, site owners to read:

    I’d argue that most people learn about a brand/event/promotion this past year via Facebook or Twitter, not the only way around. We have over a dozen clients and all our FB insights / Analytics back this up. Very few people share from ecomm > to FB.

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