Three Quick and Easy Social Media Tricks

Here are three quick and easy tricks to help you build your profile online and attract new followers and visitors to your site.

Join the crowd
If you want to meet and interact with people – then go where other people go.
For example:

  • If you’re in LinkedIn join groups and participate in them
  • Submit your blog to content creators like StumpledUpon
  • Look for trending topics in Twitter and popular #hashtags then Tweet relevant (and useful / interesting) information and attach it to the topic or hashtag
  • Piggy-back hot news stories with your take on the news or additional useful information

Grab their attention

  • Give your Tweets and blogs a catchy headline. Pique the audience’s interest, e.g. three quick and easy social media tricks; why journalists are ignoring your press releases; five ways to drive traffic to your blog
  • Be a bit over-the-top. For example: five things you MUST do this year; my best ever decision in business. But beware – don’t do this too often or you’ll desensitise your audience

Shock them!

Tell them why they are rubbish or have got it wrong, e.g. ten reasons no one visits your site; why social media is a waste of time; the three mistakes every boss makes. Again, use sparingly but once in a while this can work well!

About the Author
Chantal Cooke is an award winning journalist and broadcaster and founder of PASSION for the PLANET and PRdemystified

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  1. Thanks for this Chantal, helping with the social media for the magazine, so will try these tips out.

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