Celebrating Women in Digital

Last month I started to catch up with The Drums Top 30 Women in Digital Under 30 to ask about their career journeys in light of ‘not enough women working in digital’.

I have to say I have been enjoying reading everyone’s experiences, I hope you have too.

I think it is also becoming quite apparent that the state of women in digital is not as bad as what it is made out to be – I may be slated for that comment! Again, I also think we are taking the wrong approach into selling women in digital, it can be off-putting to some when they think no other women work in digital and it’s simply not the case.

Let me know what you think.


This month I’d like to introduce you to four more amazing women.  I have to say that from reading their experiences we share similar views on the state of women working in digital media, nor have they been hindered by being female – in fact it has been beneficial to some!

In order to make their stories easier to read on-line, each has been put onto a separate page. To read each story, click the ‘Read Story’ link at the end of each summary.


Name: Naomi Morton
Position: Innovation
Organisation: Glue Isobar
Twitter Handle: @NaomiBM
Read Naomi’s Story


Name: Emily Witham
Position: Head of Digital Marketing
Organisation: Precedent
Twitter Handle: @precedentcomms 
Read Emily’s Story


Name: Hannah Swift
Position: Founder
Organisation: Bright Digital Minds
Twitter Handle: @BrightDM
Read Hannah’s Story


Name: Kat (Katrin) Wyeth
Position: Creative Director/ Social Media Manager
Organisation: groupm
Twitter Handle: @kat_wyeth
Read Kat’s Story


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