Women in Digital – Vicki Chowney

Name: Vikki Chowney
Position: Head of Community
Organisation: TMW
Twitter Handle: @vikkichowney

Your career journey: I¹ve had an unusual mixture of roles throughout my career, starting in tech PR, moving into journalism, doing a bit of client-side work and now returning to a creative agency. The skills required to do my job are a total mixture of all of these, and without that awareness of relationship-building, editorial and in-house ­ I wouldn¹t be able to do what I¹m doing now.

Do you think that being female has impacted upon your career progression? Not at all. While many within the industry seem fairly focused on the issue, I’ve been much more interested in getting on with things and just doing a good job. That said, I haven’t had children yet, so perhaps that’ll change my views ­ but if anything my age has been more problematic.

In general, do you think there is a male bias in the digital media industry? Not really, it’s just the case that SO many of the most vocal thought leaders are men. That isn’t necessarily a reflection of the industry itself. We’re a near 50/50 split here for instance; and many of my peers work in similar environments.

Do you do anything to attract more female talent to your organisation? Not specifically. I hire people with the right skills, regardless of their gender ­ and that’s something we do at TMW across the board.

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