Women in Digital – Hannah Miller

Name: Hannah Miller
Position: SEO Director
Organisation: 4Ps Marketing
Twitter Handle: @hannah_4ps

Your career journey: My journey began from a young age when an aspiring interest in digital came about from a very snazzy new member of the family arrived…my Packard Bell. I found it amazing how a wealth of information was stored in one place and wanted to find out more. I then went on to study Computing at college for 2 years alongside a business course where my interest reached new levels. Following that I applied for a position on a degree which was to cover programming, graphic design and computer hardware/software modules. After an enjoyable and hard working 3 years I graduated and started my first role as a junior website developer and progressed from there into the digital marketing route, leading right through to present day (just located a bit further south).

Do you think that being female has impacted upon your career progression? During college was the first time I really noticed how it appeared to be more dominated by male students, this did make me more eager to succeed and fed my appetite to learn. Over the years as I have worked alongside many very intelligent men and women I have learned to see that everyone is different whether that be in sex, age, humour, skillset or interests.

In general, do you think there is a male bias in the digital media industry? I think 4 or 5 years ago from a few personal experiences, that may have been the case but in the last few years I am just happy to be surrounded by passionate people that want to succeed. With certain people, certain characteristics stand out and people can relate to communicating in different ways depending on who they are as a person (in the same way that everyone learns in different ways). But generally I think in the industry when you meet someone new they are always going to test you to understand your skillset before that trust can be earned and not so much on your sex.

Do you do anything to attract more female talent to your organisation? Personally I try to attract anyone into the industry that finds it interesting, it’s an exciting fast paced career that changes weekly so there’s always something fresh and new. Certainly I promote how much I enjoy it and I hope I can inspire at least one person to go for it, specifically into programming because I feel this section of the industry still seems to be male lead. It’s like a new puzzle every day and anyone who can think logically could thrive in this sector.

From your time working in the industry have you seen any changes in the numbers of women working in the industry or the perception of women who work in digital media? Yes I remember at university I was one of 3 or so women working through some of the technical modules. However at 4Ps Marketing we pretty much have a 50/50 split of male and female. As mentioned previously working alongside many development agencies we dostill see a large number of hard core coders that are male.

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