Women in Digital – Grace Mills

Name: Grace Mills
Position: Senior Marketing Officer
Organisation: Aston University
Twitter handle: @Gracey_Mills

Your career journey: Having graduated from Liverpool John Moores University I was quickly employed by a recruitment agency who specialise in recruiting for digital roles within the digital sector. Having been on the other side of the fence for 12 months, I decided it was time to take the plunge and seek a role on the digital side of things. After many knockbacks I finally had a career break when I was offered a role as Account Manager within the Social Media Agency of the Year at the time, so my progression with all things digital took a steep up rise. Being involved in digital briefs worth sometimes over a six digit figure I had to be at the top of my game fast to compete with the more experienced in the sector. Two years on I now head up the marketing for one of the largest departments in Aston University, Birmingham which has been an exciting great challenge. Here at Aston we are breaking the digital mould, regular running Instagram,Pintrest and Facebook competitions while improving our online presence and getting as many academics as possible tweeting (which is not an easy task!)

Do you think that being female has impacted upon your career progression? No not at all, I feel if anything I have been able to progress at a fast pace as my passion and love for the digital industry shows in all I do.

In general, do you think there is a male bias in the digital media industry? Yes, if you look at a lot of the top roles within the digital sector it is currently male dominated but I can’t see it staying that way for too long.

From your time working in the industry have you seen any changes in the numbers of women working in the industry or the perception of women who work in digital media? I have found myself constantly looking at what other females in the industry are doing and how they are breaking the mould, I wouldn’t say I have seen any change in the numbers of women in the industry but we are certainly flying the flag at the moment and the Drum’s 30 under 30 highlights that.

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