Women in Digital – Carly Chaffer

Name:Carly Chaffer
Position: Online Marketing Manager
Organisation: 9xb
Twitter Handle: @SearchCarly

Your career journey: After completing a fashion management and marketing degree, I saw an opportunity to get into digital and explore the “new media” age. I joined a local SEO agency and worked on developing the online presence of a number of high profile brands. After a couple of years I decided I wanted to fuse my passion for online marketing with my management skills, so worked hard to become Online Marketing Manager for a leading digital agency. I now manage a team of 9 and get to explore all the exciting new developments in the industry whilst driving the marketing department forward.

Do you think that being female has impacted upon your career progression? Not really. Early on in my career a client once said “Oh, you’re a girl doing SEO?” and it seemed unusual to some but I quite liked that! It doesn’t bother me that the industry is still heavily male-dominated because I believe, regardless of gender, that if a person shows their passion and expertise to be able to do a job then they should be the ones that progress up the career ladder.

In general, do you think there is a male bias in the digital media industry? Perhaps, but I don’t think it will stay that way. Over the last couple of years I’ve seen more women getting into digital marketing and that’s great to see. If we can get more women into the industry I think it will aid digital going forward, as men and women often look at things differently so it gives a nice perspective on a client’s strategy.

Do you do anything to attract more female talent to your organisation? Not specifically, but we actively try to ensure the right balance within the company. In terms of application ratio, we generally get more men applying for development and more women applying for marketing based roles.

From your time working in the industry have you seen any changes in the numbers of women working in the industry or the perception of women who work in digital media? At my first company I had 2 female bosses and a male MD. He trusted them to run the office and production levels and they did a great job. We had a lot of men working there, just like my current company, but I have seen more women getting involved in digital over the last 5 years, for sure. In terms of perception of women in the industry, I think it’s safe to say women are getting more recognition for the roles they are in and the work they do.

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