The Bowen Technique

Do you like approaches to change that work? Do you think outside the box for solutions to problems? Do you want to know about how you (or your employees) can feel better quickly and improve performance at work, rest and play? Then read on.

We all want to be the best we can be; in the office, with our family or when on the playing field or golf course. However, sometimes we can’t do things as fully as we want, perhaps as a result of an accident or injury, stress or illness.

The Bowen Technique is a remedial therapy, offering a radical approach based on the gentle movement of soft connecting tissue and nerves, rather than stretching or manipulating muscle or bone. It is simple, gentle and it works – particularly on stress levels and pain. When our bodies don’t move as fluidly as we need them to, or we don’t feel as well as we could, we start to compensate in how we move on a day to day basis. That’s when we can quickly find other problems occurring.

In a stressful business environment it is more important than ever to look after your own health and ensure your employees are fit and well enough to be fully productive. Catching the small niggling issues before they become big ones is good business management. The same is true for health. The Bowen Technique can overcome problems much faster than conventional means alone. Early intervention is the key to regaining and maintaining good health for you and your employees.

Real progress in any profession takes time and making changes to bring a body back to health is no different, particularly as each change builds on the last, bringing strength and permanence to that change. So, an apparently mild injury with no obvious lasting problems can manifest through time into a chronic condition that can result in you (or your staff) losing time at work.

Who is it for?
Busy Directors, employees or the self employed under stress to follow the next lead, organising people; working to deadlines & driving long distances; sitting at a computer typing or on the phone for long hours? Health at work is really important for you and your staff. The Bowen Technique provides support to the body, reduces stress, and improves conditions caused by stress, through lowering the heart rate and rate of breathing. By becoming more relaxed, you and your employees become more productive.
Rugby players use it to recover from and prevent injury to hamstrings and knees. Golfers see improved performance through changes to their grip and swing through the arms and shoulders, neck and back. Children and babies love it, particularly when they can feed and sleep better because their colic is resolved or asthma is improved. Teenagers suffering from stress while studying benefit enormously, becoming calmer and more focussed. Busy mums have had their lives transformed by the reduction and in some cases, elimination of back, neck pain or migraine.

How does it work?
The Bowen Technique is applied through light, loose clothing, or on the skin while you lie on a couch or sit on a chair. The thumbs and fingers make rolling movements over precise areas on the body, stimulating a response via the nervous system. The technique is applied over the whole body and takes about an hour. Often the originating cause of a problem will not be in the same place as the symptoms experienced. For instance, if an ankle is injured one year it can manifest as lower back or neck pain the following year.
The use of time is the radical aspect of the technique. The time between the movements is usually two to four minutes, during which the practitioner leaves the room. The time between each of the first three appointments is usually a week to ten days, allowing your body to adapt to the incremental changes made, building and improving week by week.

How long does it take?
The number of treatments varies depending on how long the problem has been around. Acute injuries may take two to four sessions whereas chronic, long term issues may take four or more. Most people notice significant changes to their sense of wellbeing very quickly.

Mary Macfarlane of Lothian & Borders Bowen has seen many clients’ physical symptoms change quickly from session to session over the first few weeks of coming to see her.
Mary says, “I am always thrilled when I see the differences that Bowen can make to people’s lives. Someone suffering with incredible pain can come for a few sessions of Bowen and the pain or stress reduces in intensity. I am passionate about how the Bowen Technique can improve people’s health and sense of wellbeing.
One client, diagnosed with a prolapsed disk and on the verge of dismissal due to absenteeism and poor performance, says, “If I am honest Bowen was probably the last option before surgery. Mary does what she does, which is very gentle. I had six sessions of Bowen and I am back to normal. Without Bowen therapy I would have been left in a dark place of pain.”
Another client, who had a motor bike accident ten years ago, says, “From the first treatment I could feel things relaxing, felt more refreshed and mentally less stressed as day to day work and home life became easier with the major drop in pain levels.”

Mary will be writing regular articles on maintaining and improving your wellbeing over the coming months. Her website contains more information and testimonials from people who have experienced this amazing technique.

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