Celebrating Women in Digital

When I read about women working in the digital media industry it is usually about the lack of female talent or speculating to how we can encourage more women into the industry.  Personally, I feel that this angle is a bit doom and gloom and I’m not even 100 percent sold on the fact that there are hardly any women working in digital media – even so, how can we encourage more women into digital when we pursue the lack of talent angle?  It’s not very inspiring!

Thinking about it further, as a women working in digital, I have never felt underrepresented or that I’m not as influential as my male counterparts.  Right, OK, I’m in a pretty unique position with my doctorate in social media but over the years I have been in contact with creative, influential and inspiring women.

Earlier this year I met a whole new league of women working in digital media.  Along with 29 other ladies I was voted as one of The Drum’s Top 30 women in digital media under 30.  While this award from The Drum only represents a small segment of women in digital it is nice to celebrate success and together we represent a great cross-section of the digital industry!  For me, it was also nice to connect with everyone and grow my own network.

So, for this month’s article I decided to have a catch up with my fellow top 30 ladies and find out more about their experiences.  In hindsight it was a bit ambitious to include everyone’s experiences in the one article… So, for the next three months we will be getting a bit personal with The Drums Top 30 Women Under 30 in Digital 2012.

This month I’d like to introduce you to Grace Mills, Kate Ross, Hannah Miller, Vikki Chowney, Carly Chaffer and Kristal Ireland.  I have to say that from reading their experiences we share similar views on the state of women working in digital media, nor have they been hindered by being female – in fact it has been beneficial to some!

In order to make their stories easier to read on-line, each has been put onto a separate page. To read each story, click the ‘Read Article’ link at the end of each summary.

Name: Grace Mills
Position: Senior Marketing Officer
Organisation: Aston University
Twitter handle: @Gracey_Mills 
Read article


Name: Kate Ross
Position: Commercial Director
Organisation: Eight&Four
Twitter handle:@eight&four
Read Article


Name: Hannah Miller
Position: SEO Director
Organisation: 4Ps Marketing
Twitter Handle: @hannah_4ps
Read Article


Name: Vikki Chowney
Position: Head of Community
Organisation: TMW
Twitter Handle: @vikkichowney
Read Article


Name:Carly Chaffer
Position: Online Marketing Manager
Organisation: 9xb
Twitter Handle: @SearchCarly
Read Article


Name: Kristal Ireland
Position: Strategy Director
Organisation: Enjoy Digital
Twitter Handle: @kristalsmile
Read Article


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  1. Great to hear of so many young women doing so well in their area. Look forward to hearing more inspiring stories Jill.

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