How to leverage your PR coverage

You’ve worked hard to get PR coverage for your business – so now that you’ve got it, is that it?

No. The coverage itself is just part of the marketing plan. There is more you can do to maximise the benefit.

Here are six ways to leverage your hard earned PR coverage…

1)Put links to the articles etc on your website – or at least list them on your website even if you don’t add the actual links. People will be impressed by the fact you got the coverage – even if they never actually read any of it!

2)Mention it at networking events – it gives you added kudos and credibility. People are also always curious about how you did it, so it’s a good talking point and it shows that you have third-party (ie journalist) endorsement

3)Use social media to promote your coverage – refer to it in your profile and add regular status updates directing people to the articles

4)If you do a newsletter / mail out – tell your subscribers. Just as in point 1 – they will be impressed, even if they have no intention of reading the article

5)Add a line to your bio (once you have a few under your belt). Something along the lines of “regular contributor to leading B2B magazines” or “expert contributor to XYZ radio show” etc

6)Add a link to your email signature for a few days – when the latest article is most current

Don’t waste the added opportunities that PR coverage delivers to you. After all you probably spent time and effort generating that coverage – so make the most of it!

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Chantal Cooke is an award winning journalist and broadcaster and Director of PR agency – PRDemystified.

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