(2/3 x + 1/3 y) = Perfect Collaboration

As the reader of a business-focussed magazine you may be unaware, as I was until recently, of the rule of the “Golden Section” used in art composition. However, just as art often illuminates daily life, this artistic rule has helped me consider the strategic use of colour within our appearance.

It’s simple premise of a ratio of one-third to two-thirds creating perfect balance illustrates what I’ve taught clients for the past six years: don’t allow one colour, or tone of colour, to dominate an outfit. Always aim to have a third colour of a different temperature or hue to balance the colours that make up the majority of the outfit. For example, dark grey trousers and a deep purple top can be transformed by accessories that contain a brighter coral colour: [2/3 deep, soft & cool + 1/3 light, bright and warm] This balance of colours is integral to an outfit which confidently conveys a specific message (i.e. “I’m a business person who thinks creatively”.) Colours can be our allies as we use them strategically.
We collaborate with colours in the same way that human collaboration works best, with mutual benefits. The driving force behind successful collaboration must be a genuine desire to help as much as to benefit. Assuming that wearing a beautiful colour can make us look beautiful often has disastrous consequences – we have to work out which beautiful colours work specifically with our unique facial features. Similarly, working with an individual or group simply for our own benefit can result in poor relations or an unsuccessful project, collaboration requires a result that benefits all those involved. Should we gain a positive spin off through collaboration with others we can enjoy it as a pleasant add-on, not the sole reason for sharing our resources and skills.
The Golden Section suggests a ratio of two-thirds: one third. Within business attire this can be translated as two-thirds neutral colours to one-third bright accent colour. Within the rules of collaboration I would suggest that it indicates we should expect to put in two-thirds effort in exchange for one-third reward. However, the example of business attire illustrates that while the outfit is two-thirds neutral, it is the third of a brighter hue that makes the whole outfit look pleasing. And similarly within successful collaboration we should find that after contributing more than we expect to gain, the reward will be far more powerful than anticipated.
Can all experiences in life be reduced to the realm of colours? I like to think so!

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  1. Very creative Karen. I love the way you have woven in the concept of collaboration in your article.

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