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Saskia Neibig is the Group Leader and the Trustee of the worker co-operative, the Woodcraft Folk, as well as a member of the Worker Co-operative Council of Co-operatives UK.

Saskia grew up in the Woodcraft Folk, where since the age of five she learned about the environment, social justice, and about co-operation. Engaging with the younger generation, Saskia has been a Group Leader for children and young people, the Training Co-ordinator for the 21 – 24 year old members, and for the last two years, as well as a Trustee of the charity.

Last year, Saskia help to run the Cocamp, the Woodcraft Folk’s international festival of co-operation, which was democratically run by people of all ages. Saskia works with the Woodcraft Folk as she can’t see any other organisation that is as passionate about delivering such an exciting political and social education.

At the Gender Forum, as part of Co-operatives United, Saskia will offer an overview of how the Woodcraft Folk works to build a fairer society and how it specifically contributes to promote gender equality through education and social activism.

Learn more about inspirational women in the co-operative movement by visiting the Co-operative Womens Challenge 2020 website.

Danielle Paffard, 25, is the Co-Founder of the UK national campaign, Move your Money UK. Alongside Co -Founder Marloes Nicholls, Danielle works to promote the message, ‘bank of something better’. The campaign shows that together, we can help to build a better banking system by moving our money to The Co-operative Bank, building societies, and credit unions.

The Co-operative Bank have seen significant customer growth over recent years. Despite the wider economic conditions, the mutual sector’s revenue has grown by over 33% since

2008, according to thinktank Mutuo.

Working to promote sustainably across Universities, Danielle started her campaigning career, and has since been heavily involved in activism and climate change; not to mention time dedicated to campaigning around social and environmental justice issues.

Since leaving University, Danielle became part of the team which established the anti-cuts network, UK Uncut; a grassroots movement taking action to highlight alternatives to the government’s spending cuts. Progressing down a high impact, activism route, Danielle became the co-founder of the new campaign, Move Your Money UK, a national campaign encouraging people to move their money to a better banking system. Alongside the campaigning work, Danielle works at the London Community Credit Union.

As part of the Gender Forum, at Co-operatives United, Danielle will speak on the next generation of co-operative women leading the way in the co-operative movement. Book your place at the Gender Forum today. Click here for more details.

Read The Little Book of Money, a short guide to why you should move your money to a better bank…and how to do it.

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  1. I think that what UK Uncut does is great and so often with such humour. Great to hear that you are involved Danielle and keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks too for the link to the little book. Useful resource.

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