Women On Top-less

I was delighted this morning to see a twitter post promoting a new petition that has been put together to end the  degrading and anachronistic insult that is the Sun Page 3 ‘Glamour Girl’.  I decided to send it on to  a group of my friends and colleagues to sign too, but as I was doing so, a curious thing happened. As the names of a number of my intelligent, erudite, successful women friends popped up in my inbox, I found myself thinking “Gosh, I’m not sure whether X would actually agree with me on this.” Which surprised me.

But I am reminded of the number of women who have surprised me in the past by preferring to concentrate on more ‘serious’ issues of equality and injustice and who comfortably consign page 3 to a ‘bit of harmless fun’. Whilst I absolutely respect their views, I do not share them. In fact, I passionately disagree and instead believe that this kind of very deep-rooted, too-easily-socially-accepted form of sexism and objectification is a disgrace to women in 21st century Britain. It makes me wonder sometimes why I have spent a decade working to support women in commerce, looking to get them and their business plans and aspirations taken more seriously, promoted more fairly and judged more equally, when the biggest selling newspaper in the country sees fit to remind everyone just where women fit into daily society after all.

If you think like me on this one, sign up and pass it on.




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  1. I agree. I don’t think it is a bit of harmless fun but I do wonder if sometimes we are our own worst enemies.

  2. I agree with Clare on this and have signed the petition.
    Early on in my career in the construction sector I had to regularly visit construction site offices where it was common place for the manager’s office to display provocative posters and calendars of nude and semi clothed women. It was very uncomfortable to be offered a chair under one of the posters; as at that time I would have been one of the few women in an almost all male macho environment.
    Thankfully things have moved on and this is no longer the case on site, however I would not appreciate it if my daughter was in a situation when the men around her were looking at a bare breasted woman in the Sun and then at her not to mention the negative stereo typing and sexualisation of young women that this type of photograph leads to.
    I am not a member of the “Fun Police” if anyone wants to ‘enjoy’ this type of photograph there are plenty of ways to do this but please keep it out of the popular daily press and put it with the other top shelf magazines.

  3. Happy to sign this Clare, thanks for drawing it to our attention.

  4. AND… I was shocked to find that the Sun didn’t have a topless page 3 girl in yesterday’s edition (not that I bought it! Was flicking through whilst waiting for my Chinese takeaway last night).

  5. Lisa McCreadie // September 27, 2012 at 7:27 am // Reply

    I could not agree more Clare. Women who degrade themselves in this manner set the rest of us back years. I have a male friend who has recently changed career completely to become a photographer. I follow his work but it makes me so sad & angry at the endless procession of young girls who feel it necessary to pose for him in a semi-naked, provocative manner to try to break into the modelling profession. Society has created this trend. Removing Page 3 may go some way towards breaking it.

  6. Linda Urquhart // October 16, 2012 at 4:41 pm // Reply

    I couldn’t agree more, Clare. It’s time we stopped encouraging a culture which sees women as sex symbols. I agree that the pages of a national news paper are not the place for photographs like this.

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