What women on top look like

What do women on top look like? For me I would imagine the answer is a bit saggy with the beginning of jowels but you’d have to ask my partner for an honest answer. The question might be regarded as subjective in nature , depending on our personal perceptions of what the top looks like. A woman on top of a business career may look very different from an artist at the top of a creative wave. However, there are certain features to look out for that will be common to all women on top. Here is a short list of the features and the cheats that are available to those of us who are not quite at the top and need to fake it.

*FLUSHED – Women who are thriving in their work environment, whether it’s paid or unpaid, will have a bright complexion that radiates energy and enthusiasm
(cheat – for those working all the hours required to get to the top consider E45 silky radiance an inexpensive lotion that leaves a subtle shimmer on the skin, Dandelion brightening face powder from Benefit or Laura Mercier secret brightening powder.)

*RELAXED – While there may be moments of intense focus, women on top will generally be relaxed about their area of expertise, confident in their ability to succeed.
(cheat – knotted nerves and high levels of tension do not help creative thinking so consider booking in for Hatha yoga which improves flexible thinking as well as flexible bodies.)

*MISCHIEVOUS – Women at the peak can afford to have fun, laughing often while enjoying the moment and looking forward to the next challenge.
(cheat – while there may not be much to laugh at when the top seems a long way off, creating the right environment to laugh will always help so make a conscious choice to see a comedian, rent a comedy DVD or spend time with people who always make you chortle.)

Please note: these cheats may not always get you to the top but you’ll definitely be on top form and isn’t that what being on top is all about?


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  1. Thank you for making me smile Karen. Important points made in a light-hearted way; fantastic.

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