Facebook and the fake ‘likes’

Facebook has begun deleting fake page “likes”.

After admitting that around 8.7% of its users are not “real” Facebook decided to take action.

Is this important? In the grand scheme of life, no probably not, but when it comes to your advertising spend, then yes it can have an impact.

People, companies, whingers, campaigners and just about anyone with something to say that they really, really want to get out there has at least considered setting up a fake identity on social media.

Its one of the questions I often get when teaching my social media courses; “what’s to stop people setting up fake accounts to promote their business or to say unpleasant things about the competition?”

Of course it’s against the Facebook rules and it is unethical. But it’s also quite human and very predictable.

Where the real issue comes in is when you spend money advertising on Facebook. If you are spending money to attract ‘likes’ but all you get is fake users who will never actually be of any use to you – well that’s a waste of money.

But as I mentioned in last month’s article (Sept 2012) even fake ‘likes’ have some value.

The real crux of the problem is whether, as business owners and therefore potential advertisers, we trust Facebook? Are we willing to trust it enough in order to spend our money there?

What do you think? Do you trust them? Would you advertise on Facebook? If you’ve tried it – what was the result? It would be great to know … after all we can all benefit from each others’ experiences.

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About Chantal Cooke;
Chantal is an award winning journalist and broadcaster. She has been using social media to promote her work since 1996 and has been helping clients harness its power for the last 3 years. Chantal combines her journalistic skills – to create compelling and engaging content – with her knowledge of social media platforms. Together this delivers an effective social media strategy that works for both the client and the audience. Chantal believes that using social media is not about creating noise, it’s about creating content and then delivering that content to a targeted audience in a format they wish to engage with. See: www.prdemystified.com

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