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Discovery Party was the first business idea brought tothe3rdimagazine’s innovative business support programme,  Fair Comment in April 2011.

Jen Gash travelled from Bristol to Edinburgh to attend and has spent the last 18 months developing Discovery Party, which combines her love for parties, life coaching and creative ideas.

Jen says “Discovery Parties are all about making coaching accessible and fun. Our parties are not a therapy session or sit and sob. We use games and fun activities to help people connect, laugh, share and reflect on their lives. It really is such a great process”

Having seen the huge benefits of having access to coaching, Jen felt that it should be available to everyone, not just those in top jobs or those with a disposable income.  Coaching should also be fun and not add to the pressure of daily life, so all our activities are fun and designed to help people let go a little. We even get to play pass the parcel – it’s not often grown ups get to do that!

Discovery Parties are held in people’s homes, businesses and networking events. For individuals at home, someone decides to host a party and then invites their friends.  It’s not like other party plans as it’s not about selling goods, but about having an experience. Often wine is involved…


Parties are also being held with work teams as part of away days as it’s a combination of fun and purposeful play.  And it doesn’t break the bank.

There are many benefits for  Life Coaches  including meeting  lovely people and building relationships. Jen is now in the process of training her second cohort of Discovery Party coaches and is coming to Scotland to run a training day on 27th October.   So if you are a coach and want to find out more about the training visit   And if you fancy hosting a party at home or having a Discovery Party coach come to your work place or meeting, please email

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  1. What a fantastic idea – a night out with friends that can lead to more than an extra piece of plastic in the kitchen cupboard!

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