Digtal Wonder Woman

Last week The Drum announced their top 30 women under 30 who work in digital. I’m happy to say that along with 29 other digital wonder women, I made the list. Just in time for my 31st birthday next year, a large sigh to that!

A precursor to the feature was a review of research that highlighted that only four of the eighty-seven executive directors appointed by FTSE 100companies in the past two years have been female. Not a great statistic! I wonder if any of these appointments were in the digital industry?

The lack of women working in the higher levels of the digital industry is a real issue. While the digital industry is growing and as individuals we are increasingly spending more of our time online the digital talent pool is progressively male dominated. I have to say that I’ve been met with a few issues over my time although I can’t work out if that’s because I’m female or because of the PhD, maybe a little of both?!

The list demonstrates that there is potential for more women leaders in digital but I still wonder how likely this is, can we break the norm? I certainly hope so. As a little side to this article I’m going to start to talk to as many women who work in digital and perhaps have a few features here on the3rdi – who are these fantastic women who are trying to break the mould? As you can see from this list we are frightfully ambitious and enthusiastic about working in digital, long may it continue and with the hopes of inspiring a few more women along the way.

I love the work that I do and the people I work with, male and female. I love surprising people but should it really be a surprise that I’m a women working in digital? Probably not. Well I’m about to expand my knowledge and reach a little further in my new position of social media insight director at the social media agency Yomego. I’m really excited to start work with my new team and I know I’m going to be thrown in feet first but that’s what I’m all about!

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  1. Well done Jill, delighted to see you getting some recognition. Look forward to hearing more about your role.

  2. Philip A Birch // September 5, 2012 at 1:16 pm // Reply

    Well done Jill on both the listing and the new job. I am a little Disappointed and surprised that your industry is not more gender balanced. I hope that we can at least go some way to highlighting and addressing this illogical dis-ease. Good luck. Speak soon. Phil

  3. Thanks guys,

    Was a nice surprise to be on the list… academics are largely forgotten about! Really happy with the new role too, lots to be done 🙂

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