Karen Darke – Inspiring Olympian

As the Olympics approach I am following Karen Darke with interest.  Karen and I worked together on a Women Leading course that we developed and ran over a number of years. I am a big fan of Karen as, in addition to being good fun to work with, she is always up for a challenge and is an inspiration to others.

Whilst preparing for one of the courses, Karen was musing about seeking a new challenge to stretch her. She had not long completed the ‘Ironman’ Triathlon at Loch Tay (the first para-athlete to do so) and was wondering out loud if it would be worth aiming for the GB Hand Cycling Team in the 2012 Olympics. “Go for it!” I responded – not that Karen needed much encouragement…  Now, the seeds of her thinking are bearing fruit.  She is in the GB Hand Cycling team and will race on the 5th and 7th September. Karen already has some Silver medals under her belt and is ‘Going for Gold’.

So what would ‘Going for Gold’ look like for you?  We are all different and what is a challenge for one can be a walk in the park for another.  At the turn of this year I set people a challenge to ‘get up and go’ and many did.  Where are they now?

Well, Grant Carstairs started with the intention of running everyday for 30 minutes minimum.  Six months later he has managed EVERY DAY! That is worth a medal. Sheila Duncan set out to organise monthly walks for friends and has succeeded in getting people ’walking tall’. Some started small, aiming to get on an air walker or take up yoga. Others set off to do marathons and other distances. My own challenge was to increase my regular activity so that I would do half an hour of something every day with it being increased to an hour on 3 days in the week.  I’ve made it, though there have been moments on the way of challenge.

My challenge to you is to decide on your own way of ‘Going for Gold’.  Meantime you might want to join me in wishing Karen all the best as she ‘Goes for Gold’ in September.

Go for it Karen!

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