Get Mentoring

Have you thought about how you can use your own experience and expertise to help other entrepreneurs?

Be part of a growing community of volunteer business people who are coming forward to mentor other small business owners, through the Get Mentoring initiative. Free training is available to help you develop the skills required to be an effective business mentor.

Get Mentoring, is a new UK-wide initiative to recruit and train 15,000 volunteer business mentors from the SME community. Launched in November by business minister Mark Prisk, Get Mentoring provides budding mentors with a free training course (online, distance or workshop) and enables them to be plugged into mentoring activities in their area and across the UK. Mentors must be willing to offer at least one hour a month free to their mentee(s). Over 12,000 volunteers have already signed up for free training through the initiative.

Mentoring has been shown to increase the survival and growth rate for businesses. It can be a great way of boosting capability and capacity within a sector or supply chain. Mentoring can aid the professional development of both parties, enhancing leadership and management skills and improvements in soft skills (eg business confidence and aspiration) and business performance (eg turnover and profit). Mentors can also benefit by gaining a better understanding of the challenges facing new businesses, which enhances their own working life and outlook.

“Get Mentoring is about businesses helping each other to succeed” says Mark Prisk. “Mentoring is a great way for business owners and entrepreneurs who have ‘been there and done it’ to pass on their valuable experience and give back to the enterprise community. But a true mentoring relationship works in both directions – as a volunteer mentor you can also learn new ideas to enhance your own enterprise know-how. So I say Get Mentoring and sign up for free training at”

Don’t miss out. If you think you have the necessary skills and experience to become a mentor, you can sign up today at and start making a difference.

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