Spring Promise

I love spring. Even although it happens every year I am always entranced by it – by its promise. Its promise of new beginnings. Seeing a tiny crocus fighting its way through frozen ground or the daffodils finally swaying in the breeze, or little birds beginning to chirp again and think about building nests – each time I pause to watch.
And this year I find myself seeking out all these signs even more fervently. After our tragic start to the year I want to see them. I need to see them.

And here they are. Charlotte Square is filled with crocuses, the Botanics and even the side of the link road in Edinburgh has hosts of golden daffodils! The birds in my garden are gobbling the food I put out and in a friend’s garden they are fighting each other to get their share of the little bundles of her cat’s fur that she puts out (she combs the cat for it daily in case that sounded weird!) for their nests.
I have found it a little hard to get going again but having a 400 person Ball to put the finishing touches to sorted me out. It was cathartic to have such a huge to do list for the Ball. I had no choice really but to get on with it. For Ian and I as a couple it has helped us to have work to do and to do well. And I believe we did. The Ball was a huge success and the Sheraton sparkled in its newly renovated glory. Its multi million pound refurb is stunning. We hope to hold our 2013 Ball there too – even without a date it is sold out .

Ian and I are on holiday just now and it is very much a healing break for us. We aren’t the kind of couple to switch off completely though and are enjoying discussing ideas for our two charities for the year ahead. With two more major events (Blingo with 260 guests and the fashion show with 500 guests and 55 models), 3 smaller afternoon tea events and 2 physical challenges it is once again going to be a busy year for our charity!

Being very grateful to the support provided by the Institute of Fundraising to us an organizational member and me as a personal member, I responded to a request for volunteer support and it seems likely I will join a group working on building up membership of the Institute. I believe in giving back (and of course in Paying Forward) so am delighted to be given this chance.

As ever, kindness is at the core of our charity and with my deeper understanding of how much of a difference even a small kindness makes, I will make it my mission to spread that word!
My team of incredible volunteers grows – Tonya Macari as our Ambassador spreads the word about It’s Good 2 Give so well – she also comperes some of our events.

I am very proud of our Young Ambassadors – Ailsa, Michaela, Laura have all had cancer. Hannah and Kirsty have brothers who have had cancer. Elis and Ruth are two young women who want to support our charity. These young women have become my core team of volunteers and are superb at representing us at events and indeed at organising events. Their creativity and empathy is a joy to behold.
I am surrounded and supported by amazing women – women who, even although they are busy with their own lives, will do almost anything to help us at any time and at the drop of a hat.

So many of us appreciate the opportunities of those spring promises – of new beginnings. From trying to live your life as best you can after the loss of a loved one or after recovering from a life threatening illness or losing your job.

It’s Good 2 Give will have the best year yet – raising funds is important but even more important are the chances we will get to build relationships with donors and event guests – to give them something back.

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