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Christine has over 25 years experience in public life in Scotland in the fields of the arts, politics, education, public relations and voluntary work. For 12 years she served on the City of Edinburgh District Council and was her Group’s leader for 4 years. Also she has been a Westminster and Holyrood Parliamentary candidate. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. In 1992 she was made an OBE. Christine is a member of the Board of The Friends of the Royal Scottish Academy. In May 2006 she was elected to the Board of The Edinburgh International Festival and in 2007 was appointed to the Board of Management of Edinburgh’s Telford College. She has just concluded her four year term of office. Christine has been a member of the Steering Group for the Governance Development of members of Scotland’s Colleges’ Boards of Management. She has recently worked in a consultancy post as Chief Executive of smilechildcare – a social enterprise company providing affordable childcare in west Edinburgh.

Christine’s business experience has covered the fields of theatre, economic development, science, coal mining, education and training. She has held a number of non-executive directorships in these disciplines and has just accepted an invitation to become a Patron of the Festival Theatres Trust. She is a trained and experienced personal relationships counsellor and a business and personal mentor. Christine has professional qualifications as a lecturer in Business Studies.

Christine established Christine Richard Associates to provide a range of services. The Consultancy works with a number of Associates who are experienced in the fields of Intellectual Copyright protection, Wealth Management, Training and Development, including Training Needs Analysis, Market Research and Public Relations. They can also provide translation services in a wide variety of languages both to English and from English. They work in both public and private sectors. Christine was Deputy Programme Director, working with Enterprising Scotland Ltd which was a company established specifically to carry out certificated training in entrepreneurship and business start-up for a wide range of individuals and organisations. Recently she delivered a guest lecture at the University of St Andrews on Cultural Entrepreneurship to a wide range of Management students.

She coordinated the ‘Yes to Edinburgh’ campaign on congestion charging in Edinburgh. Ten years ago Christine co-founded West Lothian Women in Business, which is a network for women who are self-employed and also for women managers. Christine has now stepped down from the Chair of this thriving organisation. For 5 years Christine was a magistrate in the District Court in Edinburgh.

Christine has been an adviser to Government in various areas of policy, including health, local government and education. Currently she is a member of the “think tank” Scotland’s Futures, which has just entered a partnership with the Goodison Group in Scotland exploring the theme ‘By 2025, Scotland will be regarded as a world leading learning nation’ and puts forward recommendations to the Scottish Government. She has accepted an invitation to join the Advisory Council of the British Heart Foundation Scotland. Christine is also a member of The Scottish Arts Club in Edinburgh. She is currently working with like-minded people on “Changing the Diversity of Scottish Boards”. Together with her artist daughter, Fiona, she is a Patron of the Festival Theatre and Kings Theatre Trust.

Christine is a trained and experienced radio and television broadcaster and writer as well as an entertaining and accomplished speaker. She has a wealth of topics on which she is invited to speak. The areas range from witty after lunch and after dinner speaking to the more serious topics of the economy, health, education, enterprise, the Powers of the Mind and Life/Work balance.

Christine regularly writes articles for on-line lifestyle magazine, Lothian Life and has published a contemporary novel set in Scotland entitled “Whitewalls”. It has been published by Newgeneration Publishing and is available on all major internet book sites, including, as well as selected bookshops and libraries, and is available on Kindle. A sequel entitled “Autumn at Whitewalls is currently underway. Christine has begun writing articles for glossy magazine Edinburgh Life and Lothians and her article published in the current edition of the magazine is on the Edinburgh Festival Theatre. She will soon be taking up an offer to become Arts Editor of the magazine.

She was a contestant in an ITV gourmet TV show, Chef V Britain, challenging TV chef Gino D’Acampo to cook her signature dish, ‘Posh Cottage Pie’. She has also begun a sequel to “Whitewalls”. This is entitled “Autumn at Whitewalls” and continues the saga of the Douglas and Bruce families.

Her leisure interests include her family, literature, art, music, theatre, food, wine and horse racing.

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  1. Joanna D'Este Clark // March 11, 2014 at 3:08 pm // Reply

    Dear Christine

    Andrew Herman very kindly gave me your name. He wanted to introduce us. I am an author, having completed an novel about the return of the Parthenon marbles to Athens. He thought you would be interested in my campaign to right a terrible wrong.

    I would be delighted to hear from you, as I am a member of the Scottish Arts Club perhaps we could meet there for a drink.

    Kindest Regards

    Joanna D’Este Clark

  2. Dear Christine,

    This must be one of the most delayed replies EVER to an email. Multi-apologies, but life has been hectic – as I’m sure yours has been also – with work, family and an ever-increasing number of serious illnesses and deaths among friends and relatives, including the lingering and debilitating death of my former wife, Kathryn Kane, to whom I owe many debts.

    I’m attaching my latest contact details in case you still want to get in touch and have that chat after being neglected for so long. Please know you’re not the only person I’ve neglected: I’m gradually working through scores and scores of unanswered missives.

    Recently I’ve completed my newest – and LAST! – book about Winnie Mandela. It’s titled Winnie Mandela: Lies and Alibis: the commissioning editor of a company has embraced it enthusiastically for publication, but now it’s being pored over by lawyers who will have the final say. I hope profoundly that they give the go-ahead. I want Winnie off my shoulders for all time.

    Meanwhile, two publishing companies, one based in Oxford and Philadelphia and the other in Cape Town, have commissioned from me a new edition of a book, The War for Africa, I first wrote 27 years ago! I’ve written a new Preface, Prologue and Epilogue to the book, with the main original narrative remaining unchanged. For your sins and FYI, I’m sending you the new Preface, Prologue and Epilogue. Feel free to cast them aside with great force …. I’m also forwarding to you the covers of the two editions: the South African edition has a slightly different title.

    Now I’m preparing to embark upon three tasks. First, my IT guru has designed for me an elegant new blog site. I’m terrified of all things IT, but I have to get things moving this week. I’m also beginning work on my next two books, one a biography of Edinburgh Direct Aid [long story] and the other the story of my friendship with an Angolan guerrilla leader, Tito Chingunji, who was executed along with his entire exgtended family of about 70 people by his own leader, Jonas Savimbi [a VERY long story].

    I’m looking up your novel today on Amazon and will buy it and get you to sign it for me: I hope it has performed reasonably well. I also re-read your CV, and I’m rather awestruck ….

    With kindest regards,


    FLAT 5,
    TEL: +44 (0)131 555 9291
    MOBILE: +44 (0)7783 035792
    Website: http://WWW.FREDBRIDGLAND.COM
    Skype address: fredbridgland

    From: []
    Sent: 18 March 2011 10:40
    Subject: Good to meet you

    Dear Fred, I was delighted to meet you at the book launch yesterday evening. Thank you for signing my copy. I’ve already started reading it. I, too, am a graduate of Cliff Cottage and will be going there again before long to put some flesh on the sequel to my first novel, “Whitewalls” – working title “Autumn at Whitewalls”. However, we may have more in common than we realise. I have been in South Africa a number of times and whilst I didn’t meet the Mandelas I saw their house and was “stoned” by Mrs Tutu in Soweto! Also met gun runners in Mombasa who were flying stuff to Angola when I was in Kenya.

    Love to meet and have a chat some time. I’m attaching my current “profile” which probably tells you more about me than you could possibly want to know!.

    With best wishes


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