Does your press release pass the “so what?” test?

Ever sent out a press release and got absolutely no coverage?
The chances are your press release failed the “so what?” test.

Every press release you send out must pass this test. If it doesn’t you’re wasting your time.
So how do you tell if yours passes the test?

Imagine you told a someone you’d never met before, say at a party or networking event, the basic gist of your press release. I am talking about one or sentences only. No more.

If their reaction would probably be “Er, that’s nice, good for you” accompanied by a vague look as they wonder what else to say to you. Then you can be pretty sure your press release has failed the test. Internally they are thinking something along the lines of “Er, so what? Why am I interested?”

If, on the other hand, they respond with interest and ask supplementary questions or indicate they’d like to hear more – rejoice! You’ve passed the test. So get writing and send that press release out as soon as possible.

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