Can Social Media Help Inspire and Engage to Make a Real Difference?

Karen posed a great question with this month’s theme. She wondered if we, as women, are talking to ourselves when it comes to professional equality. Do we need to start engaging men and start doing instead of talking?

Thinking about it, how can we overcome the inequality issues, for example, the number of women in the board room or pay inequality by talking amongst ourselves? Too much talk and not enough action?!
I’m not as heavily invested in these issues as I probably should be or as some of the other women involved in the magazine are. Perhaps I should be asking myself why I’m not invested? And what about my colleagues and friends, I don’t think these issues are high on their agenda either…

My initial thoughts are that we have to engage men. Nothing will change until all parties are invested in communication. We have no power until there is communication with parties outside the main cause. In mediation we need two parties to overcome the issue and I don’t see any difference here.

Obviously I’m doing a male/female split here. Maybe it shouldn’t be as defined as male and female segments. This could be where the fundamental issue lies in engagement and the driving home change. Not enough people are invested in making change. As I said, it’s not been high on my agenda.

I’m writing this article as I’m thinking about the issue, you can probably tell… Say one thing and then move position slightly but maybe you will get a better picture of where I am trying to come from so I’ll leave the article as my thoughts…

It may be that we engaging with the issues ineffectively. We are not approaching the challenge in the right manner. If me, as a woman, am not invested in making changes to professional equality what hope have we of actually making this happen?

The issue seems to be that in general we accept what we are given. Possibly moan about it but don’t really fight. Now anyone reading this will know that I don’t accept the ‘given’. I’ll back my corner until I get what I want or make a reasonable compromise but that’s about me and not women in general. I’ll fight for my equality but I’m not investing my time to help other women who may not have a big a voice as me.

My thoughts now turn to the fact that no one has attempted to engage me. I work in a male dominated industry but I’m doing ok. So, I’m all about my own equality. Clearly it matters to me but not enough to get actively involved. Is the issue that no one has attempted to inspire me to do something about inequality for other women?

There are initiatives but I have yet to fully comprehend what they are, what they can do, and how I can help. I’m not inspired. I’m not engaged.

Inspire me.
The obvious choice for me here is social media. Voice amplification in a true global form. And, if done properly, a pretty darn inspiring and engaging platform to facilitate women and men to create change. Collaboration and collective intelligence facilitated in a playful and inspiring way.

I’m not a fan of lectures or conferences. I can’t sit still for longer than 10 minutes and I have the attention span of a nat. People talking about issues won’t inspire me because unless you have me hooked in 5 minutes you can be rest assured I’m working on my own material because that is how I am going to get ahead.
Are other women like this? Do we think we need to work harder to get ahead?
The issue I see is inspiring my generation and the one after. They are the ones who are best equipt to facilitate change.

I’ve just been on the International Woman’s Day website for the first time. They are on several social media platforms, the site is ok but I’m still not feeling it like I want to. Does this make me bad?
We live in a hyperconnected world where we communicate constantly and consume more information than ever before. We want to connect and share our values, so why can’t I be inspired to connect on an issue that impacts my professional career?

I still think it is the way and manner in which issues are being addressed. In my own head I perceive them to be preaching. I don’t see change. I see a one sided conversation.

The tools are available to make the conversation open and engaging. I think it just take someone inspiring enough to take the leap and make the change to engage a wider audience.
How can all these voices come together, not just to talk but to set out an actionable agenda?
Like I said before, I’m not majorly engaged with the topic but that is what makes this article all the more interesting. How can I want to make my career prospects better but the work other women are doing to help is passing me by?

I’ve never engaged, I’ve never connected, I’ve never really thought about it until I got involved in the magazine.

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