Campaigning for sustainable employment

Co-operatives UK is supporting the Campaign on Sustainable Employment, a Europe-wide campaign by the co-operative sector to promote businesses that generate long-term wealth for communities.

The campaign aims to show how worker co-operatives in Europe are addressing the fallout from the financial crisis, both in providing quality employment and providing an alternative to short-termism in the business sector.

The campaign was launched by CECOP-CICOPA Europe, The European Confederation of Worker Co-operatives, Social Co-operatives and Social and Participative Enterprises of which Co-operatives UK is a member.

As well as providing a strong message on sustainable business, the campaign’s website – – features examples of co-operatives from across Europe that provide sustainable employment for people – jobs that give people control over business and the workplace, keep wealth local and ensure that the business operates for the long-term.

Linda Bratcher of Total Coverage

Five worker co-operatives from the UK are featured: Calverts, Infinity Foods, Suma, Whomadeyourpants and Total Coverage. Along side these are some inspiring films about co-operatives in action and the latest news about the booming co-operative sector in Europe.

Linda Bratcher of Total Coverage explains why her worker co-operative provides sustainable employment and strong business model.

“Our co-operative has a flat management structure, so I am involved in, and responsible for, all the major business decisions for the company. By working this way I have more control over my employment, I understand the decisions I make, directly affect my and my colleagues well-being.

“The decisions we make are ours, and we are not just told what to do, it is up to us for the survival of the business and all the team have this as top priority.”

Visit to read more and support the campaign.

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