A move to more ethical banking

The Move Your Money campaign which, launched earlier this year, hopes that March will see people across the UK pledging to move their money to fairer and more local forms of banks.

And in support of Move Your Money Month, Co-operatives UK is producing a short guide to moving current and savings accounts to co-operative and mutual providers such as credit unions, building societies and The Co-operative Bank.

The ‘Little Book of Money’ provides a light and informative guide to why and how to move money to a better bank. It includes:

  • A short history of banking
  • A short history of mutual finance
  • An outline of the key co-operative and mutual banking options
  • Why move your money
  • How to move your money

Ed Mayo, Secretary General of Co-operatives UK, said: “Bank switching is more fun than bank bashing and it is more likely to be effective too. There are now co-operative and mutual options across the UK for current accounts, savings and investment.

“This guide, based on the experience of people who have already moved their money, will help make it easy for you to join in.”

Danielle Paffard, Move Your Money spokesperson, said: “Empowering consumers to understand and engage with ethical, social and mutual financial institutions strengthens the alternative banking sector, intensifies pressure on the big five banks and gives greater cause to the political agenda for change.

“During Move Your Money Month we hope to see people across the country joining the movement to build a better banking system.”

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