Designer vaginas? Whatever next?

The fastest growing elective cosmetic surgery procedure in Harley Street at the moment is LABIAPLASTY. Forgive me, but this makes me hyperventilate with rage! What? Why? And most importantly for who?

How many more ways can we find to beat ourselves up? What now, our vaginas are not perfect? Who says? Who is defining what normal is? And who says we all have to look like a porn star or a Barbie doll anyway? My vagina is angry about this, so much so, that over the past few weeks I have conducted my very own survey. I have asked every man I happen to have been in conversation with and have a modicum of rapport with, obviously, his views on designer vaginas. Not surprisingly all of them responded the same. They are bemused, embarrassed, exasperated and sad that we would even consider this.

What world do these women live in? Do they seriously believe that men care or even notice the shape or thickness of their most intimate flower? It is utter nonsense to even consider subscribing to the notion of the perfect vagina and it breaks my heart to contemplate the messages this barbaric, self hating procedure sends out to our teenage girls.

I feel confident that this is yet another gift handed down to us from the $97 billion sex industry, yes I did say $97 BILLION, this industry is worth more than the combined revenues of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Ebay, Apple and Netflix. When you get your head around this you start to understand some of the issues we are now facing as a society, particularly in relation to the empowerment of women and young girls. Indeed porn is where most of our young girls learn about their sexuality. It would appear the living doll look is here to stay.

At the moment Labiaplasty is too expensive for all, so it remains the surgery of choice for porn stars, strippers and the self obsessed rich wives club, but how long before having a designer vagina is as easy and acceptable as getting a boob job? A topic of conversation going on in most classrooms amongst girls as young as 14 years old.

For as long as I can remember women have been campaigning to outlaw the brutal act of female genital mutilation (FGM) which includes the cutting of the labia . How ironic then, that now in the supposedly more civilised western world we are lining the pockets of surgeons to do the very same procedure in the name of vanity!
When will it stop?

The women of Manchester unite in the campaign to stop violence against women and young girls by staging a VDay event on 8 March, International Women’s Day. BIRDS DO VDAY AT THE BIRDCAGE will see 12 brave birds step up to perform The Vagina Monologues along with lots of other activities all to raise money to support women fleeing from violence and abuse in Greater Manchester and beyond. This will be the best girls night out in the city this year so get ya glad rags on and your girlfriends on red alert, tickets are selling fast at

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  1. Dear Jane,

    What a wonderfully interesting topic. I must admit the first time I ever heard that this proceedure was available was when a friend of a friend had the surgery. I was dumbfounded…What I have done since then (about 8yrs ago), is talk to woman about it.

    There seem to be 3 camps…the 1st are in disgust or much like my original reaction blown away that it even exists. The 2nd are like you, outraged at what messages the sex industry and media is sending to our young girls about what is normal and how they SHOULD look. The 3rd are mum’s who again, like me had assisted births with vontuse and forceps births where there parts have been left in a bit of a mess; where sex is no longer as enjoyable due to a lose of elasticity and where their confidence to be orally pleasures has diminished.

    Whilst I wholehearted agree with your points of Barbie and porn like body-image being an awful message to be sending woman in general, let alone younger girls, I do also believe that for the 3rd category of woman, labiaplasty is a great gift….if you can afford it. Like any cosmetic surgery, it does have the opportunity to give some woman an amazing lift in their confidence and well being.

    Thank you for raising an often considered taboo topic.

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