Reflect and Recharge – 3 little questions……

I am one of those’ impatient to be moving on people’ that is stripping the house of all things sparkly and festive on news years day. I have done Christmas, I have over-indulged, spent too much money, sat around for too long, depleted my family energy bank and developed square eyes and to be honest – I just want to get moving and start the next chapter!

I believe that we own nothing in this life but our story. Property comes and goes, so does land, business, people, money and possessions but our story is ours for keeps and we are 100% responsible for whether it becomes a best seller or not.

I refuse to get sucked in to the New Year Resolution hype as being goal driven and having a life plan is fundamental for me and neither are created once a year in early January when the world is still asleep and most people are jaded, broke, uncertain of anything and miserable!

However, I am partial to a bit of reflection, something I feel we need to do more of so I ask myself 3 questions about the year past and I challenge you to do the same ….

Did I love?
Did I Live?
Did I matter?

Did I love? Did I open my heart to those that matter? Did I give people the benefit of the doubt even if they did not deserve it? Did I try not to judge people, did I stay in a state of gratitude, did I give to others less fortunate than I, did I accept my emotional self and embrace my vulnerability?

If you asked people if they could live their life again, having less regrets, would feature in their top three everytime.

This leads us to question two, Did I live? Did I step beyond my comfort zone and feel some fear or did I simply stay safe and cruise along? Did I challenge myself, did I take any risks, did I have to manage failure as a result of this, did I learn and grow and add some amazing chapters to my story? Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, anything less is mediocre and if you are not failing you are NOT living!

And finally, Did I matter? What I mean here is, did I make a difference, would anyone know I was here? Did I leave any footprints anywhere, atall in 12 months? Did I help anyone? Influence anyone or anything? Did I change a life? A law? A relationship? A business? A community? A story? Did I improve something or someone? Am I living in my passion with passion? Buddha says ‘Your job here, is to discover your job, then dedicate your life to it.’ How ‘s that going? What are you dedicating your life to?

If you make one New Year’s Resolution this year and I know you will…… accept the challenge to discover your passion, life is too short to waste your time and energy on anything less that what you came here to do. If you have no idea what this is and well over 80% of the working population do not, invest in you and get off the roller coaster, called life for as many hours as it takes to do some soul searching to find out! Read some books, get a coach, participate in a personal development workshop, find a mentor – start your journey of self discovery – it is so worth it and so are you!

May 2012 be the year you harness your courage, live your truth and step up and shine. We are all meant to shine.

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