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This month’s theme is inspirational women.  It got me thinking about inspirational women in social media.  I say it got me thinking because right off the top of my head I was struggling with names.  Do you follow any inspirational women in social media?

Personally I’ve always found that social media has been a bit of a man’s game but I’m still shocked that I struggled to think of a woman who has influenced me in social.  It’s maybe not that far of a stretch when you consider that I don’t really follow many other social media people.  I like to develop my own opinions through research, testing and use rather than relying on what a ‘big name’ has to say about the topic.

Anyway back to inspirational women in social media.  I had a bit of a think and a search about the internet for women in social.  I came across a good article across at Forbes – Who are the top 10 women social media influencers?

The author Haydn Shaughnessy admits that the list is not static, that changes will happen because they are based on social pull.  On the 12th of December the list was as follows:

  1. Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs
  2. Liz Strauss, CEO and founder of SOBCon
  3. Mari Smith, Facebook marketing expert
  4. Pam Moore, Zoom Factor
  5. Eve Mayer Orbsurn, LinkedIn Expert
  6. Viveka Von Rosen, LinkedIn Expert
  7. Marsha Collier, eBay marketing expert
  8. Michele Smorgen, online brand and reputation management
  9. Kristi Hines, freelance writer and online marketing consultant
  10. Vicki Flaugher, runs Smart Woman Guides

The thing that strikes me about the list is that many of the women have niche expertise, Facebook, LinkedIn, eBay.  I know I’m getting off point here but if you look at the top male social media influencers they have more of a general sense of social media, it is an interesting comparison.

Having a look over the list I knew most of the names but I could not think of them off hand.  This definitely says something to me, as I know it will to Karen when she is editing the article.

I do like what some of these women have to say, and I’m now following a few blogs more closely.  I now also know that there are successful women in social media but I’m interest to know if you have been inspired or follow any inspirational social media women…

This month’s article hasn’t really turned out the way I expected.  I have more questions than answers.  Looking into things a bit further there is also a big location divide, where is the UK represented?

It would seem that we are pretty far behind in terms of our inspiring influencers.  I see that a lot of work has to be done in this area.  What are your predictions on the future of inspiring social media leaders?

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  1. What a great question Jillian! I shared blog comments with Liz Strauss in the early days ( my early days 2006 onwards) -but she was a lone female voice in my online community. I learned from and with people who were learning at the same stage and who were all flying off in different directions. I knew less about how they made their money than what they had to say that interested me.

    So in 2012 – that’s pretty much the same for me. Some of the folk I follow and read regularly are “celebrities” in the social media world..others have fewer followers, posts attract fewer comments – but still have a huge impact. And I can access information about what they are doing, when – and how I can get involved – using tried and tested social media channels.

    Maybe I am looking for people who are leading with social media -rather than social media leaders?

    • Hi Jackie,

      I just noticed your comment. Things have been crazy here and I’ve not been checking things/speaking with people as much as I should. Perhaps I should take my own advice more!

      I think in some respects the two go hand in hand, should social media leaders not lead with social media. It also depends on how much publicity or celebrity the person wants. Online and offline go hand in hand.

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