Christine Hainsworth

Christine Hainsworth is the owner of Paintpal, and is a “female painter and decorator”. She is 27 and lives in Edinburgh but currently has clients across the Central Belt of Scotland.

When asked what inspired her to do what she is doing now Christine Hainsworth said, “ I was always decorating from a young age as my Dad owned property. University wasn’t what I thought it was going to be and I was always intrigued about being my own boss. I am an ambitious person and I’ve always done my best and tried again if things failed so the challenge really appealed to me” She explained that after leaving university she got an apprenticeship as a painter/decorator – which was tougher for her being “ an adult” -and a woman – which then led to her setting up her own business.

With support – and a small loan – from the Princes Scottish Youth Business Trust ( PSYBT) she has developed her business. She talked about listening to a podcast of Women’s Hour when she was working and hearing about Mumsnet. So she checked it out and added comments to discussions and joined in the chat which has helped her recognise the potential of her niche as a painter and decorator for clients who feel more comfortable having a woman working in their home. She says “I never give up at anything. When times are quiet I’m out there in the wind and rain flyering – or online advertising” but she is prepared for the slow times where she tries “not to worry as soon enough the phone is ringing and I wondered why I worried” and cautiously adds “ It’s always important to keep some money for a rainy day ( or illness or a new engine for the van as I’ve found recently)” and having the right insurance cover.

The question of how her business had gone in relation to her expectations was met with, “It’s gone really well!” When she realised that the paperwork was hard to keep on top of she did a PSYBT course on book-keeping but after a year of doing it herself she “found [that having] an accountant would be easier and would save me the time so that I could get on with the job in hand “ adding “ sometimes taking on too much yourself can actually cost you time and money”.

As Christine already mentioned things don’t always run smoothly but when asked how she gets through the tough times she says that “family and friends always help! I’ve a great network around me” and as well has her Dad her brother –in-law is her role model as a business owner.

If she was to give advice to other young people thinking about setting up in business it would be; “ having a good business plan is important. It may seem silly thinking so far ahead with projections but these can show you how you thought you would be getting on and how the following year might look” and suggests they “ get friends and family on board and make connections with other businesses , even if you don’t think they have any relevance to yours. Networking is key!”

So what does she have planned for the future? “Well I am now covering Glasgow as my partner lives there so I have somewhere to stay . The website could do with a bit of an upgrade and I just want to continue building a customer base”
And she finishes with “ Always present yourself and your business with pride and try to stand out from the crowd”

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