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I have a confession to make… I had been running a business for 3 years before I read a business book. In retrospect it seems crazy but I was so intent on building my business by running around like a proverbial headless chick that I didn’t have time to read business books. I focussed on what I did within my business but didn’t recognise that there were people who had been there before me. I thought that others wouldn’t understand the business that I was in but now I realise the principles of good business are universal and these books are exactly what I need for a regular KUTA (that’s Kick Up The Arse – but you’ll know that if you’ve read Lara Morgan’s brilliant business book, More Balls than Most). I now relish the opportunity to look through the business sections of book shops but it can be extremely difficult not to judge a book by its cover and personal recommendations are extremely valuable in saving precious resources.

To limit my favourites to five was difficult but here they are and I look forward to picking up on others recommended titles in this month’s edition of 3rdimagazine. You can buy any of the books that I am recommending by clicking on the image which will take you to Amazon.

LARA MORGAN – More Balls Than Most
This has been my most recent buy and I loved reading about the practical issues of business. Morgan emphasises issues such as “Cash is King” as well as considering how to build a productive working environment. Her website is a great source of documents and advice as well.
This was the first business book that I found easy to read and incredibly helpful. Godin helped me to understand the value of building authentic relations with clients as well as providing service that is second to none.
TIM FERRIS – The Four Hour Working Week
The title made this book irresistible as Ferris highlights the many things that we do to fool ourselves into thinking that we’re working hard. The challenge is to consider what we’re doing that is vital to the success of our business and what’s being done simply because it’s always been done that way.
RICHARD BRANSON – Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur
Branson’s unorthodox attitude to business has always interested me so I enjoyed reading about the development of his company from records to mass media. Wee tips such as carrying his notebook around at all times and making frequent notes of how to improve his customers’ experiences are practices that I’ve copied and found invaluable as I build my own company.
PAUL ARDEN – It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be
I picked this up in Urban Outfitters a few years ago. It’s not a typical business book but a very quick and inspiring read that does what other business books take hours to achieve in a matter of minutes.

I’d like to take this chance to wish all 3rdi readers a very special Christmas and happy festive season with increased business enjoyment and success in 2012.

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