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Phil Birch, business editor here at the3rdimagazine, has written a business book with a twist. It has all the “must haves” you would expect to see in a business book but the ‘twist’ is that this book looks at business from an ethical dimension.

Sounds too radical? Clearly for some in business, yes, but many have welcomed this book, not because there aren’t any ethically led businesses out there, rather that there has been little or no emphasis on an ethical approach in the existing body of business books.

The book is an A to Z introduction to ‘Ethiconomics’ setting out the ‘principles and practices of ethical business for the 21st century’. Where this framework has been used in the past I have often found the A-Z format contrived but in this instance it works. There are multiple subjects found under most letters and because of the framework and layout, as soon as you pick it up, you get the sense of it being a book that you could easily dip in and out of.

As well as Phil’s perspective on business ethics, there are lots of pertinent quotes which sit well where they are used, and there are some surprises in there. We get worthy sentiments from Buddha to Steve Jobs and Herodotus to Henry Ford; always interesting and often entertaining

However, to the meat of the book: Phil clearly knows his business. There are all the subjects that you would expect to see in a business book to help you with the expertise that is required in running a business. There are also sections on generosity, humanity, philanthropy and volunteering, amongst others, and Phil demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of these diverse subjects too.

This is a serious book which reminds us that there is a different way to do business; we always knew this, but clearly, in the light of recent events, the reminder is timely. It is also an easy and entertaining book to read and Phil’s passion for the subject shines through. We could all benefit from reading this book because it is first and foremost about our humanity and how we can all be better, for the good of all.

Amazon Review
What is so brilliant about Phil Birch’s pot pourri of business wisdom is the work he has done in collating so much knowledge in such an easily digestible format. It saves you buying at least 20 other books. If you did nothing else than read one letter per week, in half a year, your world and business will be transformed. –Tom Evans, author of Flavours of Thought
Ethiconomics is a system of practices and values for ethical business in the global economy. Current business practice has lead to virtual economic meltdown fuelled by corporate irresponsibility, non-accountability and a lack of moral values. Ethiconomics is your complete guide to an improved, sustainable life and business leading to rewarding business relationships and personal fulfilment.

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