Top 5 tips from the Temple!

Top 5 tips for enterprise/entrepreneurship

  1. Dream big – as Michaelangel said ‘the greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.’
  2. Take aligned imperfect action – fortune favours the bold! It doesn’t have to be perfect, JFDI – you know what that stands for, don’t you! And remember, small daily actions get BIG things done!
  3. Come from a position of service – give more than is expected, let people talk about you for the right reasons!
  4. Do business like there is a tomorrow – think long-term, have honour and integrity.
  5. Create GREAT relationships – people buy people.

Top 6 (!) tips for leaders/leadership

  1. The state you are in infects and affects everyone and everything – the tone is set at the top! And remember, the greatest test of a person’s character is how they use their power.
  2. Think legacy, think long-term, think impact, think influence, have honour and integrity.
  3. Know people, understand them, be the leader you would follow. Recruit the best, and invest in people – an organization is only as good as the people in it!
  4. Walk the talk, don’t just talk the talk. Be a role model. Be the change you wish to see
  5. Serve! Add value! Exceed expectations. Inspire a culture of customer focus.
  6. Envision, enable, encourage, energise, enthuse

5 pieces of advice for my younger self

  1. Believe in yourself, be yourself, be bold!
  2. Anything is possible, dream bigger!
  3. Focus, be determined, have tenacity and resilience.
  4. Honour self as well as honouring others.
  5. Know there’s a time to stay, and there’s a time to go.

Top 5 networking tipss

  1. Be clear about who you are, what you do, what others can do for you. Set your intention and follow through.
  2. Have a memorable and intriguing hook – be your message!
  3. Be a collector of other people’s cards more than a giver of your own. That puts you in the driving seat beyond the network meeting!
  4. Be interested in other people, we can all spot a phoney! Be in reciprocal relationships – give and receive. Beware of takers who don’t give.Beware of emotional vampires – don’t get your time and energy sucked away by someone who wants to command your attention but offers you nothing.

Top 5 sound-bites about me

  1. The Jedi …
  2. Sassy strategies, scientific know-how mixed with psychology, spirituality and big dollops of common sense
  3. A gorgeous grandma!
  4. A dream-maker and miracle worker
  5. Inspiring lives, empowering minds

Top pieces of advice I’ve ever been given

  1. Find out what people want and sell it to them.
  2. People want to buy the destination, not the plane.
  3. Stop hiding, step into your spotlight.
  4. JFDI!
  5. Do business like there is a tomorrow.

My worst/best moments in business


  1. Getting my first logo – galvanized my energy and made me feel like a pro!
  2. Landing my very first big contract for £37,000, biggest I’d ever had at that time!
  3. Launching Happiness magazine
  4. Being voted Business Person of the Year 2008, and being a finalist in Business With Community Impact in 2009
  5. Being told I was to be featured in a book as one of the 100 Most Inspirational Women in Norfolk & Suffolk.
  6. Presenting at the BBC with Dragons Den Levi Roots and Tunde Banjoko OBE on ‘Success & Inspiring Success in Others’
  7. Running my Born To Lead and my Big Shine mentoring programmes
  8. Being told by John LaValle ‘You’re gooood!’ ‘You’re soooo gooood!’ ‘You’re so fucking gooood!’ and ‘You should be teaching this stuff’. And thanks to his persuasion I did, and still do teach NLP to Jedi level!
  9. When the BBC called and asked if they could use Happiness Magazine when Jack Dee hosted ‘Have I Got News For You’ – such fun!
  10. When the original female dragon, Rachel Elnaugh emailed to say she’d had the biggest ever audience for the webinar I co-presented with her, beating the one she did with Stephen – 7 Habits – Covey, Michael – E-myth – Gerber, and even the one with one of the Dragons!
  11. Being asked to present at a event in May 2012 on the Great Wall of China.


  1. Being ripped off for £36,000 by someone I trusted
  2. Feeling the force of the recession in autumn 2008 and realizing I had to let Happiness magazine go
  3. When Suffolk’s hugely unpopular Chief Executive – who had to step down this year – gave a £400,000 contract to deliver NLP training to someone I’d never even heard of, and it was someone she’d known in her last post – and they were given £7.5k to do the bid! And I didn’t even know it was on offer!

The 5 people I admire most

  1. My mother, father, sister and brother
  2. My kids and grandkids – they have to put up with me!
  3. Nelson Mandela
  4. Oprah Winfrey
  5. Richard Branson

My top 5 biggest motivations

  1. Leaving a lasting legacy of positive change
  2. Powerfully changing the future
  3. Being the best person I can be
  4. Remembering who I am, my capabilities and pure potentiality – no excuses!
  5. Making my life count

Biggest regrets

  • Not dreaming bigger sooner!
  • Forgiving that business partner twice only to be shat upon a third time! But that was the final time!

International Success Psychologist Kath Temple loves to influence influencers. Her Strategies for Greatness and mentoring programmes aligns her with entrepreneurs, leaders and thought leaders. If you’re looking for more influence, more impact, & more income, contact Kath on +441502562162 or email:

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