Please vote for HOMETRUTHS Co-operative!

HOMETRUTHS has registered with the Natwest CommunityForce website. With your support HOMETRUTHS could gain an award of £6,000 to help fund our work with survivors of domestic violence and abuse.

Please log on to and register to vote. Once you have registered, please log in and search for HOMETRUTHS. Your vote will make all the difference to the lives of women and children living with the fear and confusion of domestic violence. Thank you.

Founded in January of this year by Kim Swinden and Mary Cosker, HOMETRUTHS is a social enterprise providing support, information, risk assessment, safety planning and advocacy to survivors of domestic violence and abuse. 1 in 4 women in the UK experience some form of domestic abuse in their lifetime. It can happen to women of all ages, cultures, backgrounds and socio-ecomonic circumstances. Domestic violence isolates women from friends, family and from themselves. Most women don’t know how to express what they are feeling, don’t know who to tell and struggle to understand why they are treated this way by their current or ex-partners.

Heidi spent 12 years with her abusive partner “I just didn’t have a name for what was happening to me. He made me believe it was my fault and that I was going mad. It was like living with Jekyll and Hyde… one minute he would be screaming and shouting at me, calling me awful names and saying I was a slut and a bad mother…. the next he would act as though everything was ok and if I ever tried to talk to him about it he would deny anything ever happened.”

“HOMETRUTHS has given me back my sanity and my freedom…. my mum arranged for them to contact me, although at the time I didn’t really see any point. I had never been beaten so would never have called my experience domestic violence. However I am so glad I did agree to the call – they have changed my life.”

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