Heading to India


Emma is heading to India and as part of our project to raise awareness of the plight of the Devadasi we are following her journey

This October I have an opportunity for a holiday with a difference, to find out what life is like for ordinary people in India. This will be my first trip to India

I am hoping to study Business Management at university as I am an aspiring entrepreneur. I believe that business makes a significant difference on all aspects of society. It’s for this reason I am doing a research project through school to look at the impact of micro enterprise on poverty both in Scotland and in developing countries.

When I go to India I will get the opportunity to visit a number of really poor people who have been given small grants to start up a business. The businesses that they have started range from basket making to milk selling, from ice cream selling to beauty parlours. I would like to find out more about the actual difference these businesses make to the lives of the people I meet.

I am hoping I will get to see a school where they help teach skills that make it possible for pupils to work or start up their own business. I think it will be fascinating to see what the school like compared to my own school.

It’s become clear to me that this trip will be completely different from any other holiday I have been on. I am very excited at the prospect of experiencing ordinary every day Indian culture

I am looking forward to the food as I love curries but I am not looking forward to having curry for breakfast!

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  1. I am really excited for Emma – I think it will be transformational for her perspeactive on busienss when she sees the difference business can make to the lives of ordinary people

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