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Emma Little of ExecSpace has just been announced as winner of Junior Chamber International (JCI) most Creative Young Entrepreneur Award (CYEA)..

Emma Little is founder of ExecSpace, a company specialising in helping sourcing conference and meeting room requirements. The CYEA award recognises business people who use imagination and creativity in their business enterprise which can include using creativity in product development, service development, or even in the way they approach the market.

Project Director Maggie Georgopoulos said: “ Emma has taken something that is run of the mill and turned it into something totally unique. Ironically, the unique mix is customer service, but with a twist. Emma ensures that her customers truly feel valued, and that they are communicated within a timely and friendly manner.”

I went to the offices of ExecSpace to talk to Emma.

“I am and always have been extremely driven and passionate about customer experience. I knew that in order to deliver a truly exceptional customer experience, I would need to work from within the heart of the service sector. In addition to this, I had seen the pressure our PAs were under when arranging sales meetings, away days and accommodation. I want customer experience to absolutely underpin the organisation, it’s what I personally am most passionate about and I truly believe in the importance of having a ‘can do’ attitude, going the extra mile and building strong customer relationships.”

But how did it all start.
“I started by selling hoovers door to door when I was 17. I was good at it but after about 18 months I was exhausted and decided to leave. I had been earning a really good salary and I wanted to find something as well paid and with more responsibility but I have always looked younger than my age and it was difficult to find something suitable. ”

“I got back into work as an account manager in technical training and was soon poached by a Microsoft partner to work in Quality Assurance. I couldn’t get more senior with them in Scotland and so I joined Vodafone. I was selected to handle the RBS account, which involved commuting from Edinburgh to London. Once agin, promotion would have meant leaving Edinburgh, something I’m not prepared to do.”

“My ambition was to be on the board of a plc by the time I was 45. At this time, 2008, lots of companies in Scotland were closing or merging and so the opportunities to achieve my ambition appeared to be diminishing. So I started Execspace in order to create my own plc. My ambition to be on the board of a major plc has not changed but now I intend to build my own; to create the biggest and best company in Scotland.”

” My focus is on giving total customer service to my clients. My staff are really important. They are the company, they support me and without them the company couldn’t deliver the experience we do for our clients. I hope that they will stay with me on this amazing journey”


You can find out more at http://www.execspace.co.uk



4 Comments on Emma Little

  1. “ Emma has taken something that is run of the mill and turned it into something totally unique. ” having used Execspace earlier this year my colleagues and I were very impressed. And it is my experience that the most inspiring business ideas do what Emma has done…

    Great story – great example.!

  2. I always think that it is great to hear of staff being valued. It seems to me that so many companies miss the connection between great customer service and staff that are well trained and supported. How I do not know as it seems blindingly obvious! Well done Emma.

  3. Emma
    No surprise at all to see you recognised in this way. Congratulations – your drive, passion and determination to do things your way are refreshing to see and I look forward to watching your business grow just how you want it to. Well done! Clare

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