Admin and butterflies

Did I really say just last month what a great opportunity August presented to catch up on admin tasks?

I actually cannot believe that August is almost over – time certainly flies when you are having fun. And I am. Having fun, even though sometimes I feel like I am scratching my head and rubbing my tummy at the same time as I juggle the completely different tasks in front of me. Last night my multi-tasking went to a new level as I folded Christmas cards whilst organising a photo album on Flickr and watched a documentary on TV at the same time. (I don’t even consider the cup of tea I was also drinking as a task). Those are the tasks I ‘allow’ myself to do in an evening – daytime is kept for the ‘must do’ jobs.

I have recently realised I am a bit of a butterfly – I get lots of work done in a day but easily distracted by an email pinging in (oh yes I do have the sound on so I can hear when a new email enters my cyberspace) or suddenly remembering something I should have done for an event or was that the washing machine I heard finishing?

Changes needed to be made, and this week I implemented a new way of working. The aim is to have meetings on two days a week and make the most of arranging said meetings. Tomorrow is a good example – I am meeting the owner of Craigie’s Farm as we are their charity of the year. That is at the farm at Dalmeny so I have arranged to meet two other people from nearby South Queensferry at Craigie’s.

We are supporting a young man who is not able to walk because of the effects of years of chemotherapy. He is now in a wheelchair but, desperate to be independent, he is getting a car. He needed help with the deposit and we are so pleased to be able to help him in such a practical way so I am taking the cheque over to the garage in Fife tomorrow. Four meetings, two venues: one morning well spent.

The days I work from home are now split into 1 and 2 hour chunks. Whatever task I designate to that block of time I must concentrate on. What a difference it’s made already! I love it. Same at weekends – put the timer on and that’s me off. I have achieved more in the past few days than I could ever have imagined. I will let you know if I can keep it going and if it does indeed continue to make me work more effectively.

Our upcoming afternoon tea events excite me: having three best selling, award-winning authors – crime writer Lin Anderson, historical author Sara Sheridan and literary fiction writer Maggie O’Farrell – to speak at them is just fantastic. You can find out more information about the afternoon teas here.

Many of our younger supporters are also looking forward to the annual fashion show. This year we started planning early and our organising team is made up of eight young teenagers – some who have fought cancer, one who is still fighting cancer (though her treatment should end in October), siblings of young cancer patients and two young people who simply want to get involved with our great wee charity. They are doing a sterling job on the show and I am very proud of them. Previous fashion shows have been both fun and professional: I hope some of you will like to come along!

If you’d like to know more about our events do visit the website and click events.


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