Kinship Ties

A family business appeals to those of us who are not part of such an enterprise. We consider the fact that a family wish to be with each other during the working week, as well as at social gatherings, a sign of a cohesive and loving unit – who better to do business with? Whether plumbing our homes or burying our dead, a family run business suggests a homogenous group who understand the business, it’s in their blood.
However, a family run business can be compared to an outfit that’s stylishly put together – it’s a matter of balance. Big, bright, gilt buttons look great on an outfit made up of low key neutrals where the shiny gold is the focus of the outfit. However, put the same buttons on an outfit made of bright colours and different textures and they become just a small part of a garish outfit with no specific focus.

As long as each member of the company is given the same amount of respect, a family business can ensure that age and experience are balanced with youth and fresh ideas. A wonderful example of this can be seen in the Missoni fashion house where three generations work in harmony. As so often happens Italian people show us how to do style and family and fashion teaches us how to do life!

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  1. Having been in corporate world, ran my own ventures and been part of more than one family business, I have found that I feel more “unique/independent” when I have a choice over my attire. In corporate world the typical “blue suit uniform” was expected whereas as an independent coach I can be nore “expressive”. When writing, however, I find that unless I dress appropraitely (shirt, shoes etc) I do get into the right mood/mode. Is this habit? Am I alone in this?

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