Coach of the Month – Jane Buick

Jane Buick isn’t really a coach and Miascape isn’t really a coaching company! So why are they here in this space in the3rdimagazine?

Well, most people employ coaches to help with a particular business or life issue. In doing this coaches look to change behaviours. Miascape aim to change the way people think in order to achieve permanent behavioural change. So their approach can render traditional approaches to coaching redundant.

But let’s start at the beginning. I asked Jane to explain how Miascape started.

“Duncan and I worked for separate consultancies in the area of transformational change but we were both interested in whether you could model peoples thinking and whether the emerging field of Social Cognitive Therapy could be used in this process.”

“We set up Miascape 7 years ago to bring our way of thinking to our large corporate and public sector clients. For the first few years our work with big businesses. When the recession hit, our order book was pretty much wiped out overnight as big clients such as RBS cancelled their contracts. For a while we were our own pupil as we had to change our own thinking. Up until that point Miascape had been a very successful small business which afforded us both a very comfortable lifestyle. The recession caused us to refocus and we decided, somewhat counter-intuitively, that we would like to grow the business beyond just Duncan and I. We decided that we wanted to build a company that would be able to flourish even if we walked away from it. So the Miascape philosophy had to be something that wasn’t just stored in our heads and which only we could deliver to our clients.”

“First of all we wrote a book – Miascape: Thinking Harder – which allowed us to focus on our thoughts and to share our philosophy with a wider audience. Now we are taking the philosophy world-wide by taking Miascape into the virtual space.  Miasworld is our new on-line learning community.  When people join the community they buy an avatar which they control and throughout an open office style virtual world. There are areas in Miasworld where people can come together and chat, as they would over a coffee at work. There are places that can be visited for more private discussions, just like booking a meeting room in real life. There are libraries of information, training videos and support materials. People can even book “face to face” meetings with Duncan and I.”

“All of the development team have worked hard to ensure that the Miascape personality is preserved on-line. It is easy to use and there is a much more relaxed, interactive feel than simply tuning in to a webinar or reading training material on-line. we will need to recruit more staff but training people to deliver our philosophy to people in the virtual world is easier than training them to deliver the programme in person.”

Miascape and Miasworld are both unique propositions and well worth finding out more.



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  1. A great concept. A pleasure to read about companies that are addressing the holistic “thinking” persepective rather than just focussing on a “toolkit” that individuals take back into the standard/traditional business environment. I adopt a similar philosophy with Ethiconomics – great to read about like-minded souls. I wish you all the very best of luck.

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