How to Astound the World in 80 days

Astound the World in 80 Days is about YOU

This is about you. Not anyone else, not your peers, colleagues, family or friends. It is about getting the most from you. You have your own skills, feelings, thoughts and needs. This program helps you to assess and evaluate all of these and more so that you can have the inspiration and commitment to develop the value of the authentic you. Within three months you can be a better, more authentic more valuable you. How will that make you feel?

More empowered.
More motivated.
More valuable.

How does it work?
It’s simple. Once you sign up you will receive a daily email. Each day you will be provided with a subject to work on. Sometimes this will require action. Sometimes this will require you to think. Every topic is designed to develop you; the way you think, act and feel in your world. Ideally each topic will be integrated into your life and you will see and feel the changes. If you stick to the program and commit to the actions, you WILL SEE CHANGES but there is more . . .

If you miss a day or want to review that day’s action, don’t worry. You own this plan and can take as long as you wish. You will receive the daily actions anyway so if you want to take longer with a topic that’s up to you but if you commit, well, you will not regret it!

It is all about taking small steps. One small step at a time to make a giant leap for your development in 80 days.

Its cost effective. It costs just £1 per day.

ASTOUND THE WORLD is offered by Ethiconomics at £80 for the complete life-changing course




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