5 Great Reasons Why Your Business Should do Webinars!

How to Grow your Business or Start One with Webinars.

I’ve been in sales for over 15 years now. I’ve done the cold calling by phone, I’ve even trained thousands of consultants and business owners on how to succeed in sales from using the phone to face to face visits and now the new era of sales and marketing – Social Media. For the purposes of this article I am going to put Webinars under the Social Media umbrella as they can be shared easily, can go viral, provide direct contact with your audience and fit nicely into the rest of the online media that the average Joe to big corporates are now using. Webinar, at the moment are not as popular as Facebook or Linked in. But the savvy business owner, whether a large corporate os small business owner knows – that the more customers he can engage with, build a good relationship with and educate about their products – the more sales you can make.

In the ‘old’ days, when I was in sales, particularly recruitment, first I made the cold calls, closed for a visit to a client, had the client visit and 90-95% of the time came away with some kind of business or hot lead. Then I would deliver, keep delivering, get referrals and increase my commission hugely! I was successful because I BUILT THE RELATIONSHIP, I got them to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST ME, I PROVED that I had the expertise to deliver the solution they wanted (New Urgent Staff) they gave me a chance then I would GO ABOVE AND BEYOND TO DELIVER MORE than what they wanted. Because I was adding MORE VALUE to them. I got PAID MORE.

Now I am STILL in sales but the RULES have changed! I no longer work for big corporates but I do get to advise them! The internet and Social Media have changed the way we interact forever. I have lost track of how many people are now on Facebook – has it reached the same size as the population of China yet? Probably not far off. My point is every business needs customers and now you can get to them more easily via ONLINE METHODS! Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and YouTube are GREAT ways to connect with your potential customers. But it is not easy, its takes time to find them, engage and convert into business.

I have been working with internet marketing for over a couple of years now and I’ve spent a lot of money on getting things wrong and things not working out. When I was in corporate, I was also Head of Performance Development where I trained others by ‘video conferencing’ internationally so when the whole Webinar thing started to develop it all felt vey comfortable to me so I decided to investigate further.

I started seeking out experts already making money with Webinars:
– What systems were they using?
– What were they selling?
– How did they speak?
– Were they using powerpoints?
– Voice over?
– Whizzy technical graphics?
– How long were the webinars?
– How many people were they adding value to in one go?
– What kind of money could you earn?
– How do they build their list?
– How could I get started?

After a month or so I started to copy the people I had researched. I started looking for experts I could interview, experts who already had a product or products to sell where we could share commission. It did not take long to start making some $. Not millions yet but if you have one scheme where you can make $1 online – DUPLICATE IT, MULTIPLY IT, SYSTEMATIZE IT and you have a working, profitable business asset!

So if you are in Business – you must consider Webinars! Why?

  1. Leverage of Time, Effort and Money. Instead of you or your sales team spending hours in a car or on the phone with say 4-10 prospects a day. On one webinar you can have as many people as you like (most systems will take up to 1000) So you leverage time, effort and money and STILL reach your prospects in a LIVE personal way. Enough to develop rapport.

  3. There are already good Webinar Systems Available so NO TECHIE SKILLS REQUIRED. GotoWebinar – is a fantastic tool, OK, its $99 a month but compared to other business costs and the potential return on investment. It VERY LITTLE. Their system, create an event webpage for you (Hosted) so you DO NOT NEED TO BE TECHNICAL or HTML genius. You can BRAND your Webinars by uploading your picture and logo (there are tutorials on all of this so – it is very easy)

  5. You can do them from ANYWHERE in the world with an internet connection and a computer! I am overseas most of the time so being able to communicate with my clients and potential customers is PARAMOUNT. So for those of you that want to quit the day job and live anywhere in the world..this could be your ticket! If your staff are dispersed you can all hook up on a webinar and present together. Its awesome! The other great thing about this is TIME ZONES – just make sure that your presentations (if delivered globally) are in sync with your customers hours of businesses and hey presto – more leverage, less time spent!

  7. Building a rapid customer base. With webinars you can give a huge amount of CONTENT AND VALUE to you client and potential customers. Once people see you mean business, you deliver awesome USEFUL content, then they will want to have MORE content from you. Most people want step-by-step guides and coaching for products these days. They want the INFROMATION – NOW, FAST AND CLEAR. So if you can be ahead of the curve on any new social media techniques or relevant knowledge and get if to your audience fast you have a good chance of being able to convert into sales well. Every webinar you offer, individuals will need to SIGN UP on the webinar form. You can control what is asked here. Normally for beginners just ask for name and email When you are more confident you can start asking questions too (you can create this all in the GotoWebinar system) like ‘What is the biggest challenge you face making money from Webinars?’. ‘ What is the one training item you need most in order to succeed in social media?’ The more data you put in here the more you are able to add value to your clients. I do find for most new clients that they are ok to part with name and email but if you start asking for phone, address etc they want more in return, iw a free ebook, report or video in order give you that extra data! So for every webinar you do, you will start to build that webinar list within your webinar software, on top of what you already have in your database (If you have a database/list already!) The other way I have had huge successes in Webinars is by doing Joint Ventures. This is where you hook up with someone and share the responsibility for the webinar and the marketing behind it. I found some experts in their fields, online publishing, social media, webinars and videos, interviewed them and in some cases THEY present and do the sales pitch at the end and we have shared commission. Think of the power of that! If you are an accountant – you can partner up with someone who works with start up businesses and do a non-competitive webinar to sell accountancy to their list and start up advice to yours. THE POSSIBILITIES are ENDLESS. Can you tell I am a little passionate about this! It works!

  9. The Power of Conversions For those of you that are into internet marketing and have been using landing or squeezepages or websites to SELL something. The average conversion rate of those kind of sites is around 1-2%. Guess what, with a targeted, good list of prospects and content rich webinar with relevant information – CONVERSIONS TEND TO BE AROUND 10%. So if you have 200 people on your webinar, its likely (with all the above factors) that you should be able to convert 20 people to buy your service or product. If this is a $100 item – then you are looking at $2000 in one webinar. I know people who sell courses up to $997 and beyond and they are doing well from webinars! Others start you off slower i.e $7 to start the programme then upgrade within 14 days if you are happy with the info/site/service etc.

This is very powerful stuff and I urge you to ge on the bandwagon!

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  1. I am a convert! Thanks Amanda, sound business advice as always and webinars are definately part of my marketing strategy going forward so watch out World – you may recieve an invite to join me! In fact, I hope that you all will do.

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