Play your part in transforming leadership

Want to play your part in transforming leadership?

Our First Gathering of 150 Women Leaders


You will be provoked and inspired by:
• Contributions from Linda Urquhart, Chairman Morton Fraser; Jann Brown, CFO Cairn Energy; Maggie Craig, Director Scottish Affairs, Association of British Insurers
• Poetry from Elspeth Murray, borne out of our own words and stories
• Perspectives on leading in the Arts from Chloe Dear, Arts Producer, and other Scottish Arts Sector leaders
• Creative input from local artists including JL Williams, Traverse Theatre
• Bespoke papers from pioneers of global women’s leadership development, Barbara Cecil; and human systems dynamics, Dr Glenda Eoyang
• Women at the leading edge of facilitating and supporting organisational and leadership development

Our Intention
To co-create a long-term programme for successful and aspiring women leaders designed according to expressed needs. We envisage more women leading in Scotland within all sectors, inspiring enhanced individual, community and organisational performance and transformation as a result.

Our Difference
This will be different because it will be shaped by our own voices and stories.
This will be different because we will be amongst leaders from all sectors.
This will be different because it will emerge through dialogue over time.
This will be different because it has nothing to do with management, and everything to do with leading beyond today’s assumptions.

Who’s Already Coming
Women leaders from Cairn Energy; Lloyds Banking, CMS Cameron MacKenna; NHS and Local Authorities, Scottish Enterprise; Scottish Family Business Association; Retail Therapy Solutions and more. To connect with others, email Karen to join our active linkedin group.

Who we are
We are an expanding group of passionate women across sectors, committing our own time and resources to grow this programme. We sense that now is the right time for Scottish women leaders to come together to take a lead in transforming leadership in Scotland. Go to our videoblog to find out who we are and more about this (ad)venture.

Our Programme So Far
Inspiring Café Connections
Come and join us and other women as we start our enquiry into what matters to us as women leaders.
Go to our videoblog ‘Blog’ for specific times and venues.

Our First Gathering: 150 Women Leaders
The Hub, Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 2NE
15th June 2011

Experienced facilitators will take us through a uniquely designed programme involving dialogue, enquiry and creative experiential sessions. We will access our own learning and wisdom as we work alone, together in small groups of 3-6, larger groups and as an entire gathering. Through varied, thought-provoking sessions, we will be collectively sense-making, re-sourcing ourselves and galvanising action as we gain new insights, connections and open up possibilities.

After 15th June
What emerges in terms of ongoing activities will in large part be defined by those who attend. We are testing interest in a variety of suggestions already made:
• Inspiring Café Connections – carrying forward ideas from 15th June
• Provoking Movie sessions – on leadership and women leading
• Aspiring Women Leaders – growing potential and pathways to the top
• Horizons beyond the Summit – progressive dialogue for senior leaders
• Intergenerational Leadership Conversations – learning across ages
• Women and Men Leading Together – integrating diversity
• Leading in Communities – investing in local leaders

Our Hopes for Action
1. That women participating will stand up and speak out about our learning and our actions
2. That we influence our sectors and top teams to engage more productively in embracing the diversity agenda
3. That new mentoring and coaching relationships are established
4. That we offer real and pragmatic support to one another in this agenda
5. That newly formed groups of interest are supported to move to action
6. That we individually and collectively work to close the gap on any senior leadership skills

Programme Impact
We know that in top quartile organisations, where there is gender balance in the executive group, there is an average of 41-56% uplift on Return On Equity/EBIT. In 2010 women’s representation on Boards in the UK was 12% compared to 32% Norway, 27% Sweden. We want to redress the imbalance because we believe this will bring positive benefit to all.
We will track our impact over time using Adaptive Action Research methods, supported by academic experts in evaluating transformation in complex human systems. We will invite you to participate when you register for 15th June.

Click here to Register

1. Why women-only first?
This is a first step into impacting the wider senior leadership agenda. We believe that women together will be more likely to open themselves to exploring their personal and professional challenges. As we develop we will reach out to others and connect our work and ourselves into the wider systems
2. Is this about getting more women into the board room or it wider than that?
Both. Our interest, in the first instance, is in supporting women to bring their whole selves into leading others – whatever their sector or context – to increase the performance of organisations and enhance our communities. Ultimately we hope that our contribution assists positive transformation.
3. What do you believe will change by getting more women into the board room?
We believe that organisations and communities will change for the better by having a more gender-diverse leadership profile leading to better performance, more open and inclusive cultures, making it easier for all, to act authentically. The evidence points to this and is robust.
4. Why do you think this programme will change things when there are so many other networks and internal organisational activities trying to address the same things?
We aim to complement what is already in the mix by offering a bottom-up, diverse and action-oriented support programme. Wicked problems such as this need multiple strands of effort to unlock. We hope that this programme and galvanising a movement, will add energy and value to what is already underway.
5. Are you in danger of falling into the men versus women debate? Successful women can’t abide this.
This is not a forum for ‘moaning and ranting’. If we do not galvanise action we will have failed in our intention. For us this is about being forward-focused and optimistic. It is about how we learn to bring ourselves forward more powerfully as transforming leaders, using the qualities that predominantly show up in women – being supportive, empathetic, gentle, sensitive, communal. It is about re-integrating these as valued capacities in all leaders, men and women alike.
6. Are you in danger of being judgemental about how successful women are operating?
It is likely that such judgements may be present in the room. We need to move beyond this, which is why we’re so keen to create a safe yet challenging context to hold and deepen our enquiries and grow understanding. Our invitation is to listen deeply and to explore and discover what more is possible between us.
7. Are you in danger of being judgemental about the internal culture of successful organisations?
Consciously or not, we all make judgements. We invite everyone to share truthfully and to make sense collectively. If we are open to improving what exists, with one another’s support, we will co-create a better future inside and outside our organisations.

More questions? Contact Louie +44 7730 596 771 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +44 7730 596 771 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

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