Join the3rdimagazine and help set the agenda for women in business

The3rdi magazine is a member owned co-operative business that you can own


Join us to: * Change the Way the World Does Business * Set the agenda for women in business * Promote ethical business practices * Have YOUR say about the world of work * Share the profits

Did you know that the Co-operative Bank, a successful and ethical financial institution, is headed not by a banker, but by a Methodist minister & local councillor? Women can and should be involved in the co-operative movement and the3rdimagazine is your chance to be part of this movement. So what is a co-operative and why should you join this one? It’s a bit like John Lewis Partnership, where all permanent staff are partners who own the John Lewis shops, Waitrose supermarkets and other operation which had a turnover of nearly £8.2 billion last year. Partners share in the benefits and profits of a business that puts them first. With the3rdimagazine we have a co-operative model where all members own a share of the business and members share the benefits and profits of the business. The more members that join the more products and services we can offer and the more profit that can be generated to distribute as dividend payments to members and in support of social enterprises. Initiatives like FAIR COMMENT which brings together senior women business leaders in support of women owned enterprises and community initiatives. Members get FREE BUSINESS SUPPORT as part of the Fair Comment programme We support projects such as the Inspiring Women Leaders Foundation. Our intention is to co-create a long-term programme for successful and aspiring women leaders designed according to expressed needs. We want to support and encourage more women to lead within all sectors, inspiring enhanced individual, community and organisational performance and transformation as a result. The launch event brings together 150 women leaders in The Hub on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh on 15th June 2011. We support the personal development objectives of our members including advice and information from the Coach of the Month in each issue of the3rdi magazine. In addition members have exclusive access to a large and growing range of FREE E-BOOKS looking at issues such as leadership, well-being, networking, working from home and business development. We have developed some astounding new partnerships; the ASTOUND THE WORLD programme is all about personal development. It is about getting the most from YOU. Within three months you can be a better, more authentic more valuable you. The programme is offered at £80 and we are delighted to be able to offer this at HALF – PRICE TO MEMBERS. Members can also save 50% on video production, thanks to our partnership with exciting young film-maker Gillian Morrison. This SAVES MEMBERS AT LEAST £250! And members get access to the discussion forum, networking opportunities across the UK and discounts on events and workshops. And we put the interest of our members and their business FIRST as:

  • Members can submit an article which will be published in the3rdimagazine; read by thousands of people across the UK and beyond
  • Members get FREE posting of video on the3rdimagazine video-blogging site
  • Members get FREE listing of their workshops, courses and events via the3rdimagazine

Since we do not have faceless, insitutional investors all of the income generated by the3rdimagazine is invested in the business; to generate new products, new partnerships and new services. Any profits are returned to YOU, our members, as dividends and more …. our affiliate programme allows you to earn directly from promotion of the3rdimagazine. When you introduce a new member you will receive 20% cash back. So if you introduce just 5 new members you will recover the cost of your own membership IN FULL.

All of this for LESS THAN £1 per week

And the more members that join, the more we can do for YOU OUR MEMBERS.

Since you OWN the business you get a real say in how the business is run. For less than you would pay to join a small local women’s network you can OWN a share of a co-operative business which will;

  • support your personal development objectives
  • develop projects to support women in business in the UK
  • develop programmes to support women in the community here in the UK and worldwide
  • return dividends to members
  • put your views to government

There has never been a better time to join together in order to support each other and women worldwide

* Membership costs just £250 for 5 years. Phased payment of the membership is possible and a share certificate to confer ownership of a single share will be issued once total payments received reach £250.

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