A Right Royal Brand

I may not be in London but that will not stop me celebrating the marriage of
Prince William and Kate Middleton on 29th April 2011. I am quite patriotic and
get up at 5am my time to ogle at the box and probably shed a tear.

I still remember watching the wedding of Charles and Diana at school back in the
80’s and all the street parties that accompanied it!

Whatever you think of the Royal Family, as well as being our sovereigns and
remembering decorum, they run like a business now. They have to! They also bring
in a tremendous amount of revenue for UK tourism, memorabilia and charities.

If you look at how Wills and Kate have structured their wedding they have
embraced the modern approach with media massaging and very importantly they are
using Social Media to spread their message and the events of the day. Not only
that but instead of accepting gifts they have chosen various small charities
that they would like to support. They have inspired and touched the lives of
millions of people around the world already and they are just beginning their
official royal lives together. It is refreshing to see the world focussing on
something, positive, a true, modern fairytale of which us commoners can play
their own part!

The second part of this article was written after witnessing the phenomenal
wedding aired on YouTube and on TV stations globally. I did get a little bit
homesick looking at everyone waving their flags enthusiastically and gorgeous
scenes of London…it made me think a little more about the thoughts and history
behind the extravaganza.

What lessons can we learn from these two young people? Firstly, the thing I like
most is that they are themselves. They are true to who they are and what they
want. Despite being in the media eye, William has chosen something he is
passionate about, Kate is not trying to be the next ‘Diana’. She isfocussing on
being the best that Kate Middleton can be, is quite clearly in love with her
prince and accepts that royal duties will be part of the package. Even on their
wedding day, they acknowledged an official reception but saved their evening for
close family and friends and colleagues who they really wanted to be there to
celebrate with them. They remained focussed on what their vision of the wedding
would be. They were firm about what they wanted and executed it well. They put
the spotlight on others, on their charities for those willing to send a gift to
them and more importantly they have displayed true affection for each other that
the rest of the world has clearly tuned in to and admire them for. I am sure
Diana would have been very proud!

We all want our ‘happily ever after’ and it is a superb example to others. So
whatever your dreams are, be true to who you are, make sure your vision is
clear, remember to acknowledge others in your life and tell those you love who
important they are to you and your formula for success is complete!

To your health, wealth and success


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  1. I wish them all the best of luck; as much as any couple embarking on such a journey of uncertainty and comittment. Happy ever after is real, but it takes work !

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