Win-Win is good. Win-Win-Win is better

A win-win situation is the goal of effective collaborations but what about win – win – win? This is exactly what the new Fair Comment initiative offers.

Win Number One – top quality business advice to individuals, SME’s and Social Enterprises from a panel of expert business women.

Win Number Two – fund raising for the Womens Fund in Scotland

Win Number Three – peer networking with some of Scotland’s leading women executives.

The initiative is the brainchild of Karen Birch, Managing Director of the3rdi magazine, the UK’s leading on-line magazine for women in business.

Karen said,
“Some ideas are destined to be a success and this is one of them. It is a great opportunity for women who have already achieved great success in business to meet together and to share their expertise and experience with other women.”

“Anyone who has been in business knows what it is like to have those niggling problems or concerns; things that just won’t go away no matter how much you think about them. Sometimes you need support and ideas from outside the business to help get to the heart of the matter. Fair Comment is an innovative and cost-effective response to this problem “

“Every member of the expert panel gives our time free of charge and we generate hundreds of ideas to help the women presenting to the panel. They, in turn, make a donation to the Women’s Fund to support community initiatives across Scotland – it’s a win-win-win situation!”

The launch event took place on Tuesday 5th April at the fabulous offices of Morton Fraser, overlooking The Meadows in Edinburgh. Gillian Morrison, presenting an issue on behalf of her company Thought Out Media said,

“Fair Comment challenged me in a supportive way to be objective with my
business; its direction, offering, core values and ultimately how I might
establish a good work-life balance. The advice was on target, sharp, strategic and substantial. The opportunity to share this experience with two other presenters and to forge a bond with them enhanced the experience and we will go on to digest and implement the advice of the panel together. I would encourage any woman who needs ideas and advice to go to the Fair Comment website and register. Your business deserves it.”

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