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Being in the right state helps you live a wonderful life, build better relationships, and attract more people.  It also helps you run a wonderful business.  And it helps you serve more clients with more love.  Yes, that word was the luuurve word and I make no apologies for it!

My clients say they love being around my energy.  The truth is I love being around my clients – they are brilliant! Indeed I dare to admit that I LOVE my clients! I care passionately about their success and happiness and I want to provide GREAT value for them and have the best fun I can doing that. I focus my gifts and energies upon them with boldness, generosity, courage, love, humour, innovative and compassionate support, and the occasional challenge or three tossed in for good measure as I gently kick them up the bum! And somewhere along the line they truly feel that love, along with the odd thud upon their nether regions.  And that’s good energy to be around, people grow around such energy.  I truly love to grow people – and their businesses.

But isn’t that what business is about?  Sometimes we forget that.  We’re all in the love business – or we could be.  Clients are at the heart of your business.  Without them you have no business.  And you have no business being in business unless you serve them well.


And there’s reciprocity at work within this work when you think about it because it is your clients help you grow your business.  When you provide great value they come back for and more, as they trust you to provide for them and their needs in the right way.  Plus they do a Frank Sinatra for you and … ‘Start Spreadin’ the Newwwz’ that you are pretty brilliant at what you do.  And that gives you great leverage with the people they know.  They spread an infection for you.

Start a Great Infection

Be clear though that the infection begins with you.

I’m CEO of The Happiness Foundation and The Lifelong Learning Company – and for me that stands for Chief Enthusiasm Officer! If I’m not excited about my business, why should anyone else be.  And if I’m not energized about delivering a great service to my clients, why would they hire me to deliver great results for them?

The state you are in makes a real difference, and not just to you. When leaders are in great states, they infect others greatly.  And you are the leader of your business.  Often you are the leader of your family too.  Sadly, when a leader is in a bad state, they infect others badly.

Have you noticed that some people light up the room as they enter – and some light up the room as they leave!  Tis always good to be the former, not the latter!  The state you’re in is your gift to the world, and your gift to your clients, and your staff, and your family.  So here’s a question for you – does the way you run your business and your life serve as an example to others, or as a warning!

Energy Psychology

Great leaders work through the emotions, so make the emotions you’re carrying be good ones.  Harvard Business Psychologist, Daniel Goleman says: ‘The fundamental task of leaders … is to prime good feeling in those they lead.  That occurs when a leader creates resonance – a reservoir of positivity that frees the best in people.’  Does what you do free the best in people?  Are you creating that reservoir of positivity?


And there’s more to all of this too.  Do you notice how the energy of others impacts you?  What’s the difference in being around say a doctor, nurse, or a teacher who loves their work, finds great meaning it, chooses to make a real difference doing what they are doing, and one who just goes through the motions, putting in their time until it’s time to collect their pension?  You do feel the energy difference, don’t you!  And think of children sitting in classrooms day in and day out with a miserable teacher, their young open energy systems being infected with that kind of energy.  Not good.  They feel the hate!  How different the experience would be if they could feel the luurve!

Emotional Mirroring

Brain research shows your emotional centre, known as the limbic system, has an open-loop system that is mainly dependent on external sources for its regulation – we infect each other from the outside in.  Relationships and connections with others give us emotional stability, or the opposite of that, or somewhere in-between.  In psychology we call that ‘emotional mirroring’.

Not only do we like being around the warm, comforting presence of another, our life may depend on it.  Did you know that in intensive care units the warm comforting presence of another person can lower your blood pressure and even slow the secretion of artery-blocking fatty acids!  Worse still, where nurses on cardiac care units are depressed, so the death rate on their units is four times higher than on comparable units where non-depressed nurses are working.

I rest my case!  We spread infections with serious, or fabulous, consequences … depending on the kind of infection we’re spreading!  We make a difference with others by who we are being as we are doing.  It isn’t just about the doing. We are powerful, and we infect others with the state we’re in.  What kind of infection do you spread, at work, at home, in the world?

The Emotional Climate In Your Business

Your state affects your business, your staff, and your clients.  It’s a fact that optimists outsell pessimists – people can sniff out misery, and insincerity.  And who wants to do business with miseries! Daniel Goleman, Harvard’s emotional intelligence guru, says toxic business leaders should come with a government health warning!  He says they’re like the Dementors in the Harry Potter books and they ‘drain peace, hope and happiness’ out of the very air around them!

The Law of Attraction

The New Radicals sang a great song ‘You Get What You Give’.  Certainly I’ve found that life shifts, moves and grooves in relationship to the state I’m in.  If I find myself in Gloomsville Arizona, I tend to attract more of the same.  When I’m generating sunshine and radiating gloriousness and gorgeousness, it’s like honey that leads not only to money but to a deliciously better life, better health, better relationships, and great bucketfuls of success.  How about you?


People buy people.  There may be other people doing what you are doing.  But they won’t be doing it in the way that you do it.  Be extraordinary in the love you spread, the value you add, the state you’re in, and let success and happiness flow like a river of gold into your one wild and precious life.  Be the difference.  Be the change you seek.  Be your message.

I realize that if you are a funeral director reading this …. well … ‘nuff said!  But don’t be dressed in black at my funeral, that’s all I’m saying!  There’s even FUN in the word FUNeral you know – or at least there is in my family!  I got that line from my brother’s book ‘This Side Of Heaven, Right Here Right Now’!  We’re all this side of heaven, right here right now, so spread the biggest bestest of infections, and watch your life and your business grow as you do!

Until next time – here’s to your inspired success, dollops of luurve, and a whole lot of fun too!

International Success Psychologist Kath Temple is an entrepreneur and social entrepreneur. She loves to influence influencers. If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner and want more influence, more impact, and more income, give her a call  on 01502 562162 or drop her a line: kath@lifelonglearningcompany.com

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