The quality of your communication will determine the quantity of your Success.

The Kings Speech –
The quality of your communication will determine the quantity of your Success.

I finally got around to watching the amazing film ‘The King’s Speech’ with the wonderful Colin Firth at the helm as ‘Bertie’ (re-named George once King) Everyone had been going on about it plus it won so many Oscars I lost count.  Just because a film has won Oscars does not always mean an enjoyable movie for me.
Luckily this film surpassed all my expectations and I had to wipe tears from my eyes on numerous occasions throughout the film, due to storyline, and it was all set in previous home..sniff sniff.

As the film unfolds, Bertie is at first held back in his own speech. His wife is determined that he overcomes his communication problems and enrols all kinds of speech gurus to help. Its only when she comes across Lionel Logan, does Bertie really start to discover what’s holding him back.

Over the last 15 years I have worked with so many people on public speaking, acting, presenting and selling. Some have a natural gift of the gab and confidence, others needs help to get there, the rest..its just not in their persona to be a ‘public speaker’. In today’s world and especially in business EXCELLENT and HONEST COMMUNICATION is even more important. Whether it is speech, writing, copy or blogs!

If you cannot communicate your ‘business’ or ‘personal’ message effectively, how  do you expect people to buy, or to get promoted? One of the biggest challenges I have found with employees,  business owners and entrepreneurs is that that do not always have complete confidence in what they are doing. They are very good at what they do, they know their stuff, they  have ‘contacts’ but there is a disconnect somewhere between these facts and their sales figures or personal success.
As an entrepreneur – especially a one man band. You need to be good at everything. Herein lies the problem. If you are NOT good at communicating, especially on the phone or in person, you need to hire someone who can – OR you can gain your confidence using the internet – Social Media to be precise. This  way you can build your confidence, your communication skills whilst building relationships with your potential customers. You don’t have to do a powerpoint
presentation in front of them, or a speech. You just need to COMMUNICATE your MESSAGE, listen to what they have to say and INTERACT with comments, suggestions as you how you can assist.

Lionel Logan exposed Bertie to all his knowledge, all his wisdom in curing  stutters. Without giving too much away, Logan explores Berties childhood and its here where they start to make many of the positive changes needed for Bertie to move forward bravely in his royal life and duties. It highlights once again that your attitude and beliefs CAN be changed in order to make your life the way you want it and get rid of afflictions that may have been bothering you all your life. Logan had to make Bertie use so many different techniques to get ONE speech out of him. But HE DID IT. Bertie had the help of an expert – who guided him to  success, but he still had the courage to jump, to decide that he COULD be a good communicator. He COULD get his message across – he achieved what was impossible in his mind.

This is yet another example of what we COULD achieve in LIFE and BUSINESS.

There are alway hurdles, there are always excuses as to why we could have done better. In today’s world – WHATEVER your message, product or service is. There is a way to say it that SUITS YOU, whether it be Facebook, Skype or Text YOU can get it out there. So no matter where you are, what you are doing, get out there  and share it! Somebody out there needs to hear what you have to say!

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