How to get unstoppable confidence

Are you running a dull, stagnate business that is screaming for a dynamic makeover to bring it into the 21st century?

Or if you’re looking to bring the fab factor into your business then it’s no good playing small in the world of business.

If you answered yes to the above and are serious about putting the glamour into your enterprise, then ladies it’s time to stop limping along thinking that’s enough to help you manifest your greatness.

You have to believe that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Confidence is the new BLACK for business. And not just any ole confidence; you are going to have to develop an unstoppable and unshakeable belief in your capabilities to create and grow a business based on purpose, passion and PROFITS!

It’s time to develop a dynamic strategy for success which takes you out of the doldrums of mediocrity and catapults you into the stratosphere of entrepreneur megastar.

You may not believe this, but once you are in business you have the power to transform the lives of other people who didn’t think it was possible to live a life based on dreams and determination. You’ve ditched the shackles off your mind, now it’s time to bring creativity and innovation into your personal brand so you can operate with the movers and shakers who are not afraid to earn more, play more and have more fun in their business.

Whatever industry you are in, it’s time to step outside of your comfort zone, kick your limiting beliefs and behaviour to the curb and grab success with open arms! It’s waiting for you if you are prepared to change from frumpy and frail to fierce and fabulous; it’s time to take your place on centre stage!

As women mark 100 years of International Women’s Day this month, it’s time to stand proud, tall and brilliant. I want to pay tribute to Marica Lewinson (CEO, WAITS), an invisible ‘shereos’ of business who has used her passion to make positive change in the lives of women across the West Midlands.

What do you do and how does it help women?
“I am the CEO of a women’s charity that has been in existence for 18 years. We work to empower women by creating initiatives that help to develop their skills and competences; identify blockages and enable them to have a voice in today’s society. This is important to me because when women feel empowered they can make more powerful decisions in their business as well as creating stronger families. It’s also important to give them the tools and strategies to have a say in how their lives are governed. WAITS is very active in ensuring that women play their part in local and national politics.”
“I want to give women a strong voice because despite acts like the sex discrimination and the updated human rights law, women are still disadvantaged in today’s society. Women still continue to experience major pay gaps between men; parliament does not reflect the ratio of women in England and particularly BAME women still have issues around language barriers and accessing everyday services that many of us take for granted. We have to be strong, smart and strategic if we want to see change in our time.”
“It is important for me to work in this sector because people still need a mentor and need to see role models that look like them. For those who need inspiration and support, I make the impossible seem possible! Women are great networkers and every day we see examples of how they use their social capacity to benefit not only their business but their families which continues to be important to them as they strive for greater work life balance.”

Why are you the difference that makes the difference?
“My life experience has been the same as every woman out there e.g. married then divorced woman; single parent, entrepreneur – from selling Avon products to running a charity. This experience has helped me to be more empathic, resilient and more importantly understanding of the challenges that women face which often leave them powerless to make positive changes in their lives. Now that I am experiencing more success in my life I am even more determined to reach back and pull other women up.”

“My caring nature and my logical thinking has helped me to build and maintain wide and diverse relationships to move the women’s agenda forward. I am not about standing still but finding a solution and positive way forward. If you look at the women’s agenda over the past hundred years movements like the suffrages and what they went through in terms of being forced fed so that women today can have the vote, makes it important for me (and others) to vote because women have died to give me that liberty.”

“We have made massive strides, but there still needs to be a recognition of all equal but different. As women we are still equal to men but we have different needs. Childcare and healthcare are still major issues for women and we need to have policies need to be put in place to give us greater support so we can make greater contributions to society. Women have to stop being afraid to fail; it’s just another opportunity to do the task better!”

“It’s a shame that so many women are not around people who empower them to dream big. My work through WAITS allows women to own the power of their experience and be confident to play their role in their home, business, community and society at large. I am here to remind them that they are good, bright, smart and beautiful enough to seize the opportunities that are around them to live richer, fuller, healthier lives.”

How important is confidence in business?
“Confidence is critical in any business because this is what is going to enable you to move forward. If you don’t have confidence within yourself it’s going to be difficult for people to have confidence in you, no matter what business you are in. I have been doing a lot of work with women who have gone through domestic abuse and one of the things that this does is strip you of your confidence and self esteem.”

“Domestic violence is not like in the movies where it only happens to a certain type of woman. Women come from privileged and less privileged backgrounds. They work in organisations, the churches and on the High Street; they are everywhere, yet invisible. I have supported women who are wives of surgeons, police officers and head teachers and this insidious behaviour has a knock on effect on tomorrow’s generation of females who have grown up witnessing this behaviour. ”

“No matter how great it looks on the outside too many women are still battling the effects of domestic abuse and are not healing on the inside. You can have all the practical help in the world but if you don’t have confidence and positive self esteem you are either going back into these toxic relationships or you remain stuck in the past. Your drama will manifest in future endeavours whether you choose to work in the corporate world or set up a business because the story they play in their mind (and subconsciously to the outer world) is that they are never good enough.”

“My work is powerful and gratifying because I can enable women to transform themselves, their lives and their businesses. I am proud and honoured to be in a position to make a difference. It is humbling but definitely rewarding to be part of this magnificent journey.”

“The key to living your dreams is having the confidence to do and trust YOU. Nurture and develop your confidence so that you can not only dream bigger and bolder but have the wisdom, drive, commitment and passion to follow through as you leave confident footsteps on your canvas of life.”

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  1. You are so right… reaching that level of confidence where you can begin to see that “you can do it if you really want”. I’m there right now – it’s so empowering and powerful.

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