Inspiring Women Leaders … Dare We?

This is a unique year-long programme for women in Scotland focussed on taking action to achieve inspirational systemic change. The programme is borne out of, and builds on, the current national and international debate on women’s leadership; global dialogue exploring the changing nature of business; and research showing economic benefits of diversity in leadership – bringing these together with current exploration of the challenges in achieving systemic transformation.

This programme begins by engaging the most senior women in Scotland – bringing together the conversations in current networks, in companies, and in and across sectors. From March to June 2011 a series of select Inspiring Café Connections will enhance and stimulate further thinking within this senior group. On 15th June 2011 an event at the Edinburgh Hub will bring together 150 senior women leaders into a day focussed on innovative action, co-creation and collaboration – intent on making changes across the system at many points and through many initiatives.

Over the following 8 months there will be a series of small gatherings focussed on tracking action and impact. Additionally, the programme will include an opportunity for emerging young women leaders to explore their contribution and aspirations; a community programme for women with potential; and experiential sessions for invited senior women connecting with post-conventional wisdom. Our combined progress will be captured and analysed through a University supported research study.

By choosing to focus the essence of the programme on 150 senior business women leaders in Scotland we believe this represents the number possible to create a ‘tipping point’; women senior enough to bring the necessary experience and vision to create a different future.

This is a very exciting year and is positioned at exactly the right time in national and global conversations to focus energy and action.

The programme has been championed by international thought leaders Glenda Eoyang (HSD Institute), Barbara Cecil (Ashland Institute) and Ginka Toegel (IMD) with local ambassadors Linda Urquhart (CBI & Morton Fraser) and Linda McDowall (Scottish Enterprise) supporting its creation.

The original spark being lit by Louie Gardiner from Potent 6 is now driven by an experienced senior core team, all working ‘at risk’ to create this programme – believing that co-creation is possible: Louie Gardiner, Jo Birch, Jenny Campbell, Judith Wilson, Karen Birch, Pauline Holland and Tania Watson. It is being run through Inspiring Leaders Foundation, a new social enterprise. All profit will be generated back into the programme throughout the year… and beyond where possible.

More details can be found – HERE

Discussion is focussed around the Inspiring Women Leaders..Dare We? group on LinkedIn.

To book your place, register HERE

2 Comments on Inspiring Women Leaders … Dare We?

  1. What a pity this is only happening in Scotland!! Are you going to video the 15th June meeting in Edinburgh? Then we can all get a look in if you add the link to 3rdi

    • karen birch // May 2, 2011 at 5:09 pm // Reply

      Hi Kathryn, yes-we will be running the event across the UK, the Edinburgh event is intended as a launch of a larger programme. I’ll keep you in touch!

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