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I have been beta testing a new platform for video-blogging for the past couple of months. Moviecom TV is the brainchild of Gillian and Kev O’Neil. As Kev says “ was my Eureka moment, spun out of a frustration at providing hundreds of video presentations to clients on CD/DVD, with no real method or matrix to measure their results. The world needed an online solution. We created it”.

Last month I met with Gillian to talk about the company and her vision to make online video as an integral part of mainstream business communications.

“My background is in stockbroking but I wanted something more creative. By the time I was 27-28 I realised that I had a natural ability to sell. I could sell sand in a dessert! I started an agency in 1997-98 creating brochures, point of sale and other printed media. I got involved with the Entrepreneurial Exchange here in Scotland and spent 5 years learning all about business”

“Then the market started to change, traditional design agencies were going to the wall and I knew that I’d have to change my business model if I wanted to survive. I had an idea to build a platform that would be ‘the business youtube’. In 2007 MoviecomTV was born. Initially it was a managed service and we designed and hosted a video platform for a small number of clients. We realised that if we were going to grow then we had to move away from the managed model to one where customers created their own content and managed their own web content.”

“From having some 60 clients on a managed service we now have 500 companies each managing their own site as we beta test the final self-service platform. And the really clever bit is that not only can users create and manage their own moviecom channel, they can make money from it! as the advertising spaces built into each site can be used to generate income. In fact some companies are already making money from their site and moviecom is still in beta!”

“In 2011 and 2012 we plan to have a business of scale. We are attracting significant investment and plan to take our business to business message across Europe and into the USA.”

“Our biggest challenge is to cope with high growth. There will be bandwith and other logistical problems to overcome but I’m sure we can make it. Our aim is to be the biggest company to come from Scotland – ever!”

A wild boast, maybe. But if anyone can Gillian can!

Since conducting the interview with Gillian has gone live.

It is a video social networking site that allows customers to manage their own on-line content, videos and blogs through an easy to use interface.

It really is very easy to use and it is free to use, or inexpensive to buy if your intention is to make money from the advertising opportunities your account will give you.  I’m a fan and the3rdimagazine moviecom channel will launch later this week!

So if you want to find out more, sign up to the3rdimagazine newsletter and we’ll let you know when we launch.


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