How to build creative relationships

Does it ever strike you as a little odd that we grow up hearing what relationships ‘should’ be like and we build pictures and images in our heads about what they will be like long before we’ve ever had one?

Most of us will be influenced by the relationship of our parents – either positively or negatively. The partner we choose is likely to be influenced by his parents’ relationship. What happens if they were both completely different and you have very different views? What happens if you’ve been in a bad relationship and are running a load of fears through your mind/heart not wanting it to happen again?

Take something as simple as a vacuum cleaner. Hoover cornered the market and made their brand into a verb. They made cleaning carpets a much simpler affair. They have consistently continued to research and develop new products. Since then, Dyson have made huge inroads, though granted I still don’t hear of anyone dysoning – do you? Dyson, even with all its innovative approaches, still brings out new models and continues to make our lives easier.

What would it be like if we could revolutionise relationships? What if someone from Jupiter came to land on Earth and looked at how we lived and worked. I wonder what they’d report back to their motherland?

Living Apart Together (LAT) took a huge leap in popularity and accounts for over two million couples’ relationship in the UK in 2005. I’m sure that will have increased again. LAT couples are often kept apart by geography, work commitments, or family commitments. The solutions couples choose are varied.

There have been some amazingly creative divorce agreements, created by couples whose relationship is no longer working for either or both of them, and who are willing to work out a solution which takes care of each member of the family’s needs, both financially and emotionally. The collaborative approach to divorce has created the ease of this.

How else could relationships become more creative? As society has changed over the years so have the roles of those in it – both male and female. The pendulum has had its full swing from a wife being a stay at home Mum to being in the board room. Men have shifted from being the breadwinner to being ‘new man’. There has been a lot of emotional and relationship fall out as all of these shifts have been going on. It’s not quite over yet. The pendulum is on its way back to the middle ground.

This is where we will want to start being more creative in our relationships. It might be time for work and personal lives to have very different energies. For example, what would happen if a woman fully embraced her feminine energy away from work? My guess is that it would allow the male in her life to own his full masculine energy. Of course, there are some men who run more of the softer female energy in his natural home state, and for him, he would probably prefer for his woman to be stronger in her masculine energy. And vice versa.

All it takes is a bit of awareness. Awareness of who you want to be, what kind of relationship you want and what you want your partner to bring into your life. You can create the relationship you want.

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